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More manual strength reduction.
[fjl] / driver.c
2009-05-31 Steinar H. GundersonMore manual strength reduction.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comSave one refill from inner coefficient-reading loop.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comMerge from pannekake.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comDo some manual strength reduction.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comCorrect PGM height for vertically sampled components.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comHandle EOI marker.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comLet the bit source alert about EOF as soon as we have...
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comAdd optional padding data at the end to the bit source...
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comIn the driver, store the image data and output one...
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comUnfix the coefficient fix.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comWrite to the right coefficient.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comFix height/width read.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comMinor adjustments to code that does not work.
2009-05-31 sgunderson@bigfoot.comTry to dequantize and IDCT data in the driver.
2009-05-30 sgunderson@bigfoot.comAdd DQT parsing.
2009-05-30 sgunderson@bigfoot.comAdd un-zigzag table.
2009-01-03 Steinar H. GundersonAdd a decoding driver.