2011-02-21 Steinar H.... CrackEngine.h pulls in ChainWalkSet.h through transitiv... master
2011-02-21 Steinar H.... Modify ChainWalkSet::FindInFile() to keep the precalc...
2011-02-21 Steinar H.... Fix typo: Seperate -> Separate.
2011-02-21 Steinar H.... Fix O(n^2) behavior in ReadLinesFromFile().
2011-02-21 Steinar H.... Fix parallel compilation.
2011-01-19 James Nobis(C) origin/HEAD origin/master origin/rti2_header
2011-01-19 James Nobis2011 (C)
2011-01-19 James Nobismisc cleanup
2011-01-19 James Nobisadd 2011 (C)
2011-01-14 James Nobismisc cleanup
2011-01-14 James Nobisextra debugging for Dump()
2011-01-10 James NobisNetBSD support for the distrrtgen Makefile
2011-01-04 James Nobisbackport rcracki_mt trunk from
2010-11-14 James Nobismisc cleanup and a special Makefile.linux_86_64 for...
2010-11-11 James Nobislinux cuda boinc build!
2010-11-10 James Nobismerge all the algorithms for distrrtgen_cuda
2010-11-10 James Nobisremove (int) cast that was unnecessary and incorrect
2010-11-09 James Nobisbrief Makefile cleanup and changes for distrrtgen_cuda origin/distrrtgen_2.29_linux
2010-11-09 James Nobischange distrrtgen client to not store start points...
2010-11-08 James Nobiscleanup signed/unsigned warnings
2010-11-07 James Nobismisc fixes stemming from issues with my #ifdef 0 and...
2010-11-07 James Nobismingw32 rti2rto
2010-11-07 James Nobisconverti2 Makefile cleanup
2010-11-07 James NobisMerge branch 'master' of
2010-11-03 James NobisUINT4 -> uint32
2010-11-01 Martin Westergaardmerged paths
2010-10-31 Martin Westergaardvarious converti2 fixes origin/rti2
2010-10-30 Martin Westergaardmerged RTI2 and distrrtgen_linux branch
2010-10-30 Martin WestergaardMerge branch 'origin/rti2'
2010-10-30 Martin Westergaarddistrrtgen fixes for integrating charset into distrrtge...
2010-10-30 Martin Westergaarddistrrtgen fixes for integrating charset into distrrtge...
2010-10-30 Martin Westergaardproject cleanup
2010-10-30 Martin WestergaardCleaned up the Visual Studio projects
2010-10-30 Martin Westergaardrcracki_mt fixed for RTI2 usage.
2010-10-30 Martin Westergaarddistrrtgen fixes
2010-10-27 Martin Westergaardtest
2010-10-27 Martin Westergaardtest
2010-10-27 James NobisMakefile FTW and symlinks FTL
2010-10-26 Martin WestergaardMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-26 Martin Westergaarddistrrtgen_cuda code added
2010-10-26 James Nobisbackport rcracki_mt- rti2 fixes
2010-10-25 Martin WestergaardWindows project cleanup of distrrtgen binary
2010-10-25 unknownFixed up converti2 to support RTI files as input
2010-10-24 James NobisIndexToPlain speed fixes for x86/x86_64
2010-10-24 James Nobis0.6.5 release synced from
2010-10-24 James Nobis0.6.5 release backport from
2010-10-17 James Nobis64-bit fixes for distrrtgen
2010-10-17 James Nobissync from svn
2010-10-09 James Nobisremove old deprecated rcracki
2010-10-09 James Nobisactually commit everything
2010-10-09 James Nobisrti2rto 64-bit fixes and Makefile cleanup
2010-10-07 James Nobisfirst working commit with rti2 and rcracki_mt
2010-10-06 James Nobisrti2rto and converti2 linux fixes
2010-06-16 Martin Westergaardmisc stuff origin/stable_2010-06-16
2010-06-15 Martin WestergaardFixed makefile
2010-06-15 Martin WestergaardFixed makefile
2010-06-15 Martin WestergaardFixed shortcuts (again)
2010-06-15 Martin WestergaardFixed shortcuts
2009-08-20 Martin Westergaard... updated distrrtgen_flash
2009-08-20 Martin Westergaard... added distrrtgen_flash
2009-08-18 Martin Westergaard... rcracki_mt updated to rti2
2009-08-18 Martin Westergaard... rcracki_mt
2009-08-12 Martin Westergaard... Fixed RTI2 format
2009-08-12 Martin Westergaard... cleanup
2009-08-12 Martin Westergaard... cleanup
2009-08-11 unknowninitial