Make the core library support a configuration file (/etc/itkacl.conf),
authorSteinar H. Gunderson <>
Thu, 20 Jun 2013 22:19:09 +0000 (00:19 +0200)
committerSteinar H. Gunderson <>
Thu, 20 Jun 2013 22:19:09 +0000 (00:19 +0200)
Make the core library support a configuration file (/etc/itkacl.conf),
reading the DNS zone name from there instead of hard-coded it in.

Begin ITKACL 2.1 changelog/Debian package.
17 files changed:
itkacl-2.0/debian/changelog [deleted file]
itkacl-2.1/Makefile [moved from itkacl-2.0/Makefile with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/ [moved from itkacl-2.0/ with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/debian/changelog [new file with mode: 0644]
itkacl-2.1/debian/compat [moved from itkacl-2.0/debian/compat with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/debian/control [moved from itkacl-2.0/debian/control with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/debian/copyright [moved from itkacl-2.0/debian/copyright with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/debian/itkacl-sync.dirs [moved from itkacl-2.0/debian/itkacl-sync.dirs with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/debian/itkacl-sync.install [moved from itkacl-2.0/debian/itkacl-sync.install with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/debian/libitkacl-dev.install [moved from itkacl-2.0/debian/libitkacl-dev.install with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/debian/libitkacl2.install [moved from itkacl-2.0/debian/libitkacl2.install with 58% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/debian/rules [moved from itkacl-2.0/debian/rules with 91% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/itkacl-test.c [moved from itkacl-2.0/itkacl-test.c with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/itkacl.c [moved from itkacl-2.0/itkacl.c with 61% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/itkacl.h [moved from itkacl-2.0/itkacl.h with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/itkacl.sql [moved from itkacl-2.0/itkacl.sql with 100% similarity]
itkacl-2.1/ [moved from itkacl-2.0/ with 100% similarity]