Support conversion to and from the XYZ color space.
[movit] / gamma_compression_effect.h
2012-10-08 Steinar H. GundersonOutput the graph in dot form at finalize time.
2012-10-03 Steinar H. GundersonComment all of *_effect.h.
2012-10-02 Steinar H. GundersonMark some functions in Effect as const.
2012-10-02 Steinar H. GundersonAdd a new framework for 1D-LUTs via fp16 textures....
2012-10-02 Steinar H. GundersonRename output_glsl to output_fragment_shader.
2012-10-01 Steinar H. GundersonFlip some need bits in the conversion effects.
2012-10-01 Steinar H. GundersonSquash linear gamma back into the sRGB curve at the...