Don't dither alpha.
[movit] / widgets.cpp
2013-02-02 Steinar H. GundersonRun include-what-you-use over all of movit. Some hand...
2013-01-09 Steinar H. GundersonChange to using GLEW everywhere.
2012-10-08 Steinar H. GundersonFix spurious blank lines on stdout.
2012-10-07 Steinar H. GundersonMove all OpenGL includes into one file.
2012-10-02 Steinar H. GundersonKill the hard-coded texture enums (yay).
2012-10-01 Steinar H. GundersonLess old-style GLSL extension use.
2012-10-01 Steinar H. GundersonHook up the vignette effect to the sample app.
2012-10-01 Steinar H. GundersonMove the widgets into its own source file.