Set the default back to guitar tuning (there was a commit mistake).
[pitch] / pitchdetector.cpp
2009-05-28 sgunderson@bigfoot.comFix another missing #include of string.h.
2008-02-05 sgunderson@bigfoot.comMove the 0dB level 10dB up -- we are really much more...
2008-02-05 sgunderson@bigfoot.comDon't choose impossible tones as undertones.
2007-12-08 sgunderson@bigfoot.comTuned a few parameters a bit to increase guitar tuning...
2006-12-20 sgunderson@bigfoot.comFix a buffer overrun that was introduced in the splitting.
2006-12-20 sgunderson@bigfoot.comSplit the pitch logic into its own class.