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[stockfish] / polyglot.ini
2012-01-06 Marco CostalbaRestore development version
2012-01-06 Marco CostalbaStockfish 2.2.1
2011-12-31 Marco CostalbaRestore development version
2011-12-31 Marco CostalbaStockfish 2.2
2011-12-26 Marco CostalbaReformat UCI option code
2011-05-02 Marco CostalbaRetire "Pawn Structure" UCI option
2011-05-01 Marco CostalbaUpdate polyglot.ini
2011-01-03 Marco CostalbaUpdate Readme and polyglot files
2010-04-17 Marco CostalbaConvert polyglot.ini to use Linux line ending
2010-04-17 Marco CostalbaTeach polyglot the new "Best Book Move" UCI option
2010-04-10 Marco CostalbaUpdate polyglot.ini
2009-04-30 Marco CostalbaUpdate polyglot.ini
2008-09-01 Marco CostalbaInitial import of Glaurung 2.1