Introduce separate counter-move tables for inCheck
[stockfish] / src / evaluate.cpp
2019-10-09 31m059No reachable outpost bonus for bishops
2019-10-07 SFisGODTweak kingFlankAttacks factor in kingDanger
2019-10-02 Moez JellouliMore accurate pawn attack span definition
2019-10-01 protonspringRemove ThreatByRank
2019-09-27 Alain SAVARDSimplify RookOnPawn
2019-09-24 nickpellingClarify the mapping of files to queenside
2019-09-23 Stéphane NicoletRevert "Clarify the mapping of files to queenside"
2019-09-23 Stéphane NicoletClarify the mapping of files to queenside
2019-09-23 protonspringSimplify connected pawn scoring
2019-09-15 Stéphane NicoletScale down endgame factor when shuffling
2019-09-14 VizvezdenecIntroduce midgame initiative
2019-09-14 31m059Use queens of either color in RookOnQueenFile
2019-09-12 VizvezdenecScale down complexity for almost unwinnable endgames
2019-09-12 xoto10Bonus for rook on same file as their queen
2019-08-14 Alain SAVARDAssorted trivial cleanups (July 2019)
2019-08-14 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak unsafe checks
2019-07-25 Alain SAVARDPassed file cleanup
2019-07-25 LolligerhansNo influence on unsafeSquares of passers by pieces
2019-07-25 Alain SAVARDSpace Invaders
2019-07-14 31m059Just blockSq, not forward file. Bench: 3377831 (#2240)
2019-07-14 Michael Chalytviigg. (#2238)
2019-07-14 31m059Linear formula for w. Bench: 3328507 (#2239)
2019-07-11 31m059Exclude passed pawns from Attacked2Unsupported
2019-07-11 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups June 2019
2019-06-27 VizvezdenecIntroduce attacks on space area
2019-06-21 VizvezdenecRewrite "More bonus for free passed pawn"
2019-06-20 VizvezdenecMore bonus for free passed pawn
2019-06-09 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups 5/2019
2019-06-09 protonspringSimplify WeakUnopposedPawn #2181
2019-06-09 protonspringSimplify Outposts #2176
2019-06-09 31m059Simplify k-value for passers. Bench: 3854907 (#2182)
2019-05-31 protonspringScale lazy threshold according to material. (#2170)
2019-05-29 protonspringSimplify semiopen_file (#2165)
2019-05-17 31m059Allow RQ through pieces. Bench: 3415326 (#2153)
2019-05-15 xoto10Remove pawn count in space() calculation #2139
2019-05-02 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups 4/2019
2019-04-27 Michael ChalyInclude bishop protection in king Danger evaluation...
2019-04-16 protonspringMove pawnsOnSquares to Position (#2100)
2019-04-16 protonspringRemove semiopenFiles in pawns and simplify space #2102
2019-04-09 31m059Raise kingDanger threshold and adjust constant term...
2019-04-04 Moez JellouliAdd attacked by 2 pawns to attackedBy2 (#2074)
2019-03-31 protonspringReplace std::mins/max with clamp function (#2062)
2019-03-24 protonspringSimplify pawn asymmetry (remove use of semiopen files...
2019-03-05 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups 2/2019
2019-02-08 protonspringChange outposts to single value #1946
2019-02-08 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups 1/2019
2019-02-03 mstemberaLess king danger if we have a knight near by to defend...
2019-02-01 Stéphane NicoletTweak tropism weight in king danger
2019-02-01 VizvezdenecMore precise checks evaluation in king danger
2019-01-22 protonspringSimplify TrappedRook
2019-01-20 protonspringClean-up some shifting in space calculation (#1955)
2019-01-20 Jonathan DTweak initiative and Pawn PSQT (#1957)
2019-01-01 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups (#1894)
2019-01-01 protonspringRemove openFiles in pawns. (#1917)
2018-12-27 31m059Always initialize and evaluate king safety
2018-12-16 31m059Use stronglyProtected
2018-12-16 Alain SAVARDRefactor king ring calculation
2018-12-13 SFisGODA combo of parameter tweaks
2018-12-11 protonspringChanges identified in RENAME/REFORMATTING thread (...
2018-12-02 VizvezdenecIntroduce concept of double pawn protection.
2018-12-01 ElbertoOneRemove Overload bonus
2018-11-24 VizvezdenecReintroduce tropism to kingdanger
2018-11-24 31m059Remove the tropism term from kingDanger
2018-11-20 xoto10Bonus for restricting opponent's piece moves
2018-11-19 Stéphane NicoletStockfish 10-beta
2018-11-19 KurtTune evaluation scores
2018-11-19 VoyagerOneSimplify Castle Extension
2018-11-19 protonspringCode style in search.cpp
2018-11-19 Nikolay KostovUpdate a comment in the evaluate.cpp file to reflect...
2018-11-12 protonspringReplace the PassedDanger array by an equation
2018-11-12 mstemberaRemove redundant king square parameter
2018-11-11 31m059Simplify tropism. (#1807)
2018-11-04 Fabian FichterSimplify mobility danger
2018-11-02 Stéphane NicoletRook tweaks in evaluation
2018-11-01 SFisGODCombo
2018-10-27 VizvezdenecTweak of knight PSQT and mobility bonuses
2018-10-14 Miguel LahozSimplify evaluation of blockers_for_king
2018-10-14 31m059Combo
2018-09-27 protonspringTwo simplifications in passed pawns evaluation
2018-09-10 VizvezdenecTweak opposite colord bishops endgame scaling.
2018-09-03 Stéphane NicoletUpdate list of authors
2018-09-01 Stéphane NicoletRe-introduce "keep pawns on both flanks"
2018-09-01 Rocky640Long Diagonal Tweaks
2018-08-29 protonspringRemove PawnsOnBothFlanks
2018-08-12 Stefano CardanobileCombo of several promising parameter tweaks
2018-08-08 Stefano CardanobileFirst check threshold in space evaluation
2018-07-30 Stéphane NicoletIntroduce tropism measure in king danger
2018-07-28 Miguel LahozIncrease the mg->eg gradient for the PawnlessFlank...
2018-07-27 Stéphane NicoletFix a compilation error for MSVC
2018-07-27 Stéphane NicoletRemove a popcount for HinderPassedPawn
2018-07-27 Miguel LahozTweak KingFlank when king is on edge files
2018-07-27 JekaaSmall reformat in evaluate threats (non functional)
2018-07-26 protonspringRemove condition for pawn threats
2018-07-25 Stefan GeschwentnerRank threats on pinned pawns
2018-07-25 Stéphane NicoletCode clean-up
2018-07-24 double-beepSlight decrease of overload value
2018-07-22 Goodkov Vasiliy... Simplify condition for ThreatByRook
2018-07-21 Alain SAVARDSimplify the "overload" condition
2018-07-21 Miguel LahozRemove connectivity.
2018-07-18 Miguel LahozUse single value for KingProtector.