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Convert gains to use a piece-to mapping
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2010-02-03 Marco CostalbaConvert gains to use a piece-to mapping
2010-01-27 Marco CostalbaIntegrate gains table in History
2009-12-31 Marco CostalbaDouble HistoryMax and reduce aging
2009-12-19 Marco CostalbaFix a comment in HistoryMax description
2009-12-12 Marco CostalbaRemove history counters
2009-05-20 Marco CostalbaDirectly relate HistoryMax to OnePly
2009-05-16 Marco CostalbaBetter document how history works
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright year
2009-01-07 Marco CostalbaBig trailing whitespace cleanup part 2
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright info
2008-10-19 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright info
2008-09-01 Marco CostalbaInitial import of Glaurung 2.1