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Tuned values for the pawn piece square table
[stockfish] / src / psqtab.h
2015-03-24 joergosterTuned values for the pawn piece square table
2015-01-10 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright year
2014-04-24 Arjun TemurnikarRemove RookOn7th and merge values into psqt
2014-04-12 Gary LinscottMove LowMobPenalty into psq/mobility tables
2014-02-03 Joona KiiskiH-file penalty and center bonus
2014-01-29 Joona KiiskiTweak bishop PSQT tables
2014-01-18 Joona KiiskiTweak knight PSQT tables
2014-01-07 Joona KiiskiTweak King PST tables
2014-01-02 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright year
2013-12-31 Arjun TemurnikarRetire KingExposed[] array
2013-12-06 Arjun TemurnikarEven more spelling fixes
2013-12-02 Richard LloydBig assorted spelling fixes
2013-07-24 homoSapiensSapiensUse #ifndef instead of #if !defined
2013-07-24 Ryan SchmittTune pawn PSQT values
2013-06-09 Marco CostalbaConvert pieceSquareTable to 3 dimensions
2013-06-09 Marco CostalbaIntroduce operator~(Piece c)
2013-02-20 Marco CostalbaMerge Gary's bishop_pin patch
2013-02-19 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright year
2012-10-21 Marco CostalbaUse self-describing constants instead of numbers
2011-12-30 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright year to 2012
2011-12-04 Marco CostalbaRetire move.h
2011-10-22 Marco CostalbaConvert PST tables to relative values
2011-02-23 Marco CostalbaMove all enum types definitions to types.h
2010-11-07 Marco CostalbaUse namespace in position.cpp
2010-07-02 Marco CostalbaRevert "Another PSQT tuning round"
2010-06-29 Joona KiiskiAnother PSQT tuning round
2010-03-20 Marco CostalbaUpdated copyright year to 2010
2009-07-02 Marco CostalbaJoona tweaks of piece values
2009-06-12 Marco CostalbaJoona tweaks of piece-square tables
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright year
2009-03-19 Marco CostalbaBig headers cleanup
2009-01-07 Marco CostalbaBig trailing whitespace cleanup part 2
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright info
2008-10-19 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright info
2008-09-28 Marco CostalbaUse relative values in piece square tables
2008-09-01 Marco CostalbaInitial import of Glaurung 2.1