Remove depth dependence and use same limit (2000) as stat_bonus
[stockfish] / src / search.cpp
2021-12-01 pb00067Remove depth dependence and use same limit (2000) as...
2021-11-30 noobpwnftwEnable compilation on older Windows systems
2021-11-28 Michael ChalyRefine futility pruning for parent nodes
2021-11-27 Michael ChalyAdjust usage of history in futility pruning
2021-11-25 Michael ChalyUse fraction of history heuristics in futility pruning
2021-11-23 Stefan GeschwentnerLess futility pruning.
2021-11-21 Stéphane NicoletIntroduce Optimism
2021-11-15 Michael ChalySimplify Pv nodes related logic in LMR
2021-11-08 bmc4Simplify away the Reverse Move penalty
2021-11-08 Joost VandeVondeleReduce use of lazyEval
2021-11-05 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak initial aspiration window.
2021-11-05 Joost VandeVondeledo not store qsearch positions in TT as exact.
2021-11-05 Michael ChalyDo more reductions at Pv nodes with low delta
2021-11-05 lonfom169More futility pruning
2021-10-31 xefoci7612Simplify Skill implementation
2021-10-31 Stefan GeschwentnerDo more deeper LMR searches.
2021-10-31 Joost VandeVondeleWiden the aspiration window for larger evals
2021-10-24 Stefan GeschwentnerDouble extend search even more via LMR
2021-10-24 bmc4Simplify LMR multiThread condition
2021-10-23 FauziAkramTuning of a Null Move Parameter
2021-10-23 bmc4Increase TTdepth acceptance some Threads
2021-10-21 Stefan GeschwentnerDouble extend more often via LMR
2021-10-21 bmc4Simplify null move search condition
2021-10-19 bmc4Adjust TTdepth acceptance on early cutoff
2021-10-19 bmc4Simplify evaluate condition on search
2021-10-18 bmc4Simplify probCutCount away
2021-10-17 Stéphane NicoletRemove noLMRExtension flag
2021-10-17 Stéphane NicoletAllow some LMR double extensions
2021-10-15 Stefano CardanobileSmooth improving
2021-10-14 Joost VandeVondeleCompute ttCapture earlier
2021-10-14 bmc4Simplify ttHitAverage away
2021-10-13 Joseph EllisSimplify multi-cut condition
2021-10-09 Michael ChalyReduce more if multiple moves exceed alpha
2021-10-07 xoto10Small clean-up, Sept 2021
2021-10-06 Stéphane NicoletCapping stat bonus at 2000
2021-10-06 J. OsterTime-management fix in MultiPV mode.
2021-10-03 Michael ChalyIncrease reductions with thread count
2021-09-26 Michael ChalyExtend quiet tt moves at PvNodes
2021-09-25 Stéphane NicoletReduction instead of cutoff
2021-09-24 OfekShochatRange reductions
2021-09-23 Stéphane NicoletTweak doubly singular condition (Topo's patch)
2021-09-23 Stéphane NicoletDetect search explosions
2021-09-21 Michael ChalyCombo of various parameter tweaks
2021-09-12 xoto10Update 2 search parameters after tune.
2021-09-10 Michael ChalyDecrease depth for cutnodes with no tt move
2021-09-07 Stefan GeschwentnerFurther improve history updates
2021-09-06 Stefan GeschwentnerImprove history updates
2021-09-06 Michael ChalyExtend captures and promotions
2021-08-27 VoyagerOneCMH Pruning Tweak
2021-08-22 candirufishdo more LMR extensions for PV nodes
2021-08-22 bmc4Simplify Null Move Search Reduction
2021-08-05 Joost VandeVondeleRevert futility pruning patches
2021-08-05 VoyagerOneSEE simplification
2021-08-05 Stefan GeschwentnerSimplify new cmh pruning thresholds by using directly...
2021-08-05 VoyagerOneFutile pruning simplification
2021-07-31 VoyagerOneCMH Pruning Tweak
2021-07-26 Giacomo LorenzettiSimplification in LMR
2021-07-23 Giacomo LorenzettiApply good/bad history reduction also when inCheck
2021-07-23 VizvezdenecPrune illegal moves in qsearch earlier
2021-07-13 VoyagerOneDon't save excluded move eval in TT
2021-07-13 VizvezdenecRemove second futility pruning depth limit
2021-07-13 VizvezdenecRemove futility pruning depth limit
2021-07-03 candirufishno cut node reduction for killer moves.
2021-06-28 bmc4Simplify Reductions Initialization
2021-06-21 Stéphane NicoletRemove the Contempt UCI option
2021-06-17 bmc4Simplify reduction when best move doesn't change freque...
2021-06-13 VizvezdenecDo less LMR extensions
2021-06-11 Joost VandeVondeleLimit double extensions
2021-06-08 bmc4Simplify promotion move generator
2021-06-06 bmc4Reduce in LMR reduction on PvNode
2021-06-03 bmc4Introducing NodeType Root
2021-06-03 xoto10Make extra time for bestMoveInstability dependent on...
2021-06-01 Stefan GeschwentnerRemove formerPV variable.
2021-06-01 J. OsterPre-initialize ss->ply
2021-05-31 candirufishCheck Extension with Static Evaluation
2021-05-28 VoyagerOneRemove Stat Reset at beta cutoff
2021-05-26 Stefan GeschwentnerLess reduction for capture/promotions.
2021-05-26 IIvecSimplify the thread term for reduction formula
2021-05-24 bmc4Increased reduction for captures in LMR
2021-05-22 bmc4Tuning Search
2021-05-22 bmc4Simplify reduction for consecutive fails
2021-05-19 Stéphane NicoletRemove Tempo
2021-05-19 VizvezdenecSimplify usage of LMR for captures
2021-05-19 VizvezdenecDo more continuation history based pruning
2021-05-18 Tomasz SobczykNew NNUE architecture and net
2021-05-17 Stéphane NicoletSmall clean-ups
2021-05-15 VizvezdenecSimplification for countermoves based pruning
2021-05-15 bmc4Simplify LMR rules for statScore
2021-05-15 bmc4Remove early return in Probcut code
2021-05-12 bmc4Simplify LMR rule for non-checking captures
2021-05-11 bmc4Remove coordination between searching threads
2021-05-11 bmc4Simplify LMR
2021-05-07 VizvezdenecCleanup of likelyFailLow logic
2021-05-02 Unai CorzoSimplify check extension
2021-04-25 lonfom169More extensions if SE search is very low.
2021-04-25 Stefan GeschwentnerThread based reduction tweak.
2021-04-24 Tomasz SobczykUnify naming convention of the NNUE code
2021-04-15 VizvezdenecSimplification: last capture extension
2021-04-06 VizvezdenecReplace distanceFromPv with a better logic
2021-03-24 Stéphane NicoletSmall cleanups (march 2021)