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[stockfish] / src / syzygy / tbprobe.h
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2019-03-05 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups 2/2019
2018-04-18 syzygy1Tablebases root ranking
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2017-01-11 Joost VandeVondeleAdjust copyright headers to 2017 (#965)
2017-01-01 lucasartWDL: rename WDLCursedLoss into WDLBlessedLoss
2016-11-05 Marco CostalbaRewrite syzygy in C++
2016-06-11 Marco CostalbaFilter root moves filter before copy to threads
2016-04-17 Marco CostalbaStateInfo is usually allocated on the stack by search()
2014-12-06 Marco CostalbaExplicitly pass RootMoves to TB probes
2014-11-25 Ronald de ManSyzygy tablebases