Rethink En Passant Evasion Capture
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2021-01-11 BM123499Rethink En Passant Evasion Capture
2021-01-11 Dieter DobbelaereFix static_assert.
2021-01-11 Dieter DobbelaereUse correct chess terms + fix spelling.
2021-01-11 VizvezdenecSmall code cleanup in LMR
2021-01-11 MaximMolchanovAffine transform robust implementation
2021-01-11 bmc4Remove Condition from Generate_Move Loop
2021-01-08 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate copyright years
2021-01-08 VizvezdenecReorder conditions in LMR and pruning
2021-01-08 MaximMolchanovAffine transform refactoring.
2020-12-31 FauziAkramWeakUnopposed penalty for backwards on file A or H
2020-12-31 Unai CorzoRemove razoring
2020-12-31 Unai CorzoSimplify away late irreversible move extension
2020-12-31 Unai CorzoAssorted parameter tweak
2020-12-31 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak capture LMR.
2020-12-25 VizvezdenecDo more LMR for captures
2020-12-23 Moez JellouliCorrect Outflanking calculations in classical eval
2020-12-23 FauziAkramTweak the formulas for unsafeSquares
2020-12-18 pb00067Simplify condition for assigning static-eval based...
2020-12-18 FauziAkramAdjust definition of unsafeSquares
2020-12-14 VizvezdenecIncrease reduction in case of stable best move
2020-12-14 pb00067Merge static history into main history,
2020-12-14 mstemberaAVX512, AVX2 and SSSE3 speedups
2020-12-12 FauziAkramNew Imbalance Tables Tweak
2020-12-12 Fanael LinithienUse arithmetic right shift for sign extension in MMX...
2020-12-05 VizvezdenecAdd comments to uncommented parts of code
2020-12-05 VizvezdenecIntroduce static history
2020-11-29 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-62ef826d1a6d.nnue
2020-11-29 Unai CorzoReductions simplification
2020-11-29 syzygy1Remove piece lists
2020-11-29 Unai CorzoSearch simplification
2020-11-29 lonfom169Remove bonus for killers.
2020-11-29 LolligerhansRefine rook penalty on closed files
2020-11-29 mstemberaCleaned up MakeIndex()
2020-11-26 Vizvezdenecuse classical for certain endgames.
2020-11-25 MaximMolchanovCalculate sum from first elements
2020-11-25 Unai CorzoAssorted search and eval parameter tune
2020-11-23 Stéphane NicoletSmall cleanups 13
2020-11-15 FauziAkramRook Mobility Tweak
2020-11-12 SFisGODIncrease reduction at root
2020-11-10 lonfom169Increase reduction based on the number of best move...
2020-11-08 Stéphane NicoletQsearch pruning: follow-up
2020-11-08 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-c3ca321c51c9.nnue
2020-11-07 Tomasz SobczykAVX-512 for smaller affine and feature transforms.
2020-11-07 FauziAkramIntroducing King On File
2020-11-07 Joost VandeVondeleChange handling the special case of a single legal...
2020-11-04 Tomasz SobczykManually align arrays on the stack
2020-11-02 J. OsterFix incorrect pruning in qsearch
2020-11-02 FauziAkramElo Worth in King Danger
2020-11-02 Tomasz SobczykOptimize affine transform for SSSE3 and higher targets.
2020-11-01 mstemberaUpdate default net to nn-cb26f10b1fd9.nnue
2020-10-28 syzygy1Do not skip non-recapture ttMove when in check
2020-10-28 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-2eb2e0707c2b.nnue
2020-10-28 FauziAkramBishop Pawns based on Files
2020-10-22 syzygy1More incremental accumulator updates
2020-10-22 Joost VandeVondeleAdd net as dependency of config
2020-10-22 xoto10Reduce big time spikes by reducing PV re-searches.
2020-10-18 VizvezdenecDo more reductions for late quiet moves in case of...
2020-10-18 mstemberaUpdate default net to nn-eba324f53044.nnue
2020-10-14 Unai CorzoScale factor tweak
2020-10-14 FauziAkramRookOnQueenFile Removal
2020-10-14 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate default net to nn-04cf2b4ed1da.nnue
2020-10-05 FauziAkramPawn Tuning
2020-10-05 Unai CorzoSimplify away futility pruning for captures
2020-09-28 Stéphane NicoletInclude pawns in NNUE scaling
2020-09-28 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak reduction formula.
2020-09-28 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-baeb9ef2d183.nnue
2020-09-28 FauziAkramTweaking Mobility and Safe Check
2020-09-28 VizvezdenecAdjust null move pruning constants
2020-09-28 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate default net to nn-04a843f8932e.nnue
2020-09-28 noobpwnftwUse incremental updates more often
2020-09-27 Stéphane NicoletTweak nnue scaling to keep more material
2020-09-25 SFisGODSwitch to NNUE eval probabilistically for OCB
2020-09-25 Stéphane NicoletSuppress info strings before 'uci'
2020-09-22 Stéphane NicoletIncrease reductions with the number of threads
2020-09-21 Stéphane NicoletSmall cleanups 12
2020-09-21 Sami KiminkiAdd large page support for NNUE weights and simplify...
2020-09-21 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak hybrid treshold.
2020-09-21 Unai CorzoSimplify reduced depth search
2020-09-17 syzygy1Use tiling to speed up accumulator refreshes and updates
2020-09-17 Unai CorzoSimplify futility pruning for captures
2020-09-17 Unai CorzoRemove castling extension
2020-09-17 GoldenRareAdded FEN string to bench output
2020-09-16 syzygy1Improve NDK section in Makefile
2020-09-16 xoto10Use 2 * bestMoveChanges.
2020-09-15 Sergio VieriUpdate default net to nn-03744f8d56d8.nnue
2020-09-15 mckx00Simplify StatSCore Initialization
2020-09-08 SFisGODDouble probability of using classical eval
2020-09-08 Gian-Carlo PascuttoAlways re-enable NNUE after "bench".
2020-09-08 syzygy1Bug fix in do_null_move() and NNUE simplification.
2020-09-04 SFisGODUse classical eval more often
2020-09-04 VizvezdenecAdjust penalty on refuted early quiet moves
2020-09-04 Sergio VieriUpdate default net to nn-308d71810dff.nnue
2020-09-04 VoyagerOneLMR Simplification
2020-09-04 Unai CorzoSimplify singularQuietLMR
2020-09-04 Unai CorzoLess pruning in qsearch
2020-09-04 Joost VandeVondeleRestore development version
2020-09-02 Joost VandeVondeleStockfish 12
2020-09-02 Joost VandeVondeleOnly use MADV_RANDOM if defined
2020-09-01 VoyagerOneLMR Root Node Simplification
2020-09-01 Joost VandeVondeleAlways print an info line before a bestmove