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Usual material.cpp small touches
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2010-08-08 Marco CostalbaUsual material.cpp small touches
2010-08-07 Marco CostalbaRename constants to use *_NONE scheme
2010-08-06 Marco CostalbaMove depth computation out of fail low loop
2010-08-06 Marco CostalbaAnother push to perft speed
2010-08-06 Marco CostalbaFaster perft
2010-08-03 Marco CostalbaRename TM in ThreadsMgr
2010-08-03 Marco CostalbaTimeManager API rename
2010-08-03 Marco CostalbaMove time related global variables under TimeManager
2010-08-03 Marco CostalbaIntroduce TimeManager class
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaSmall cleanup in search Step.5
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaReset bestMove before entering main moves loop
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaUse past SE information also for success cases
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaRename MaxSearchTime and AbsoluteMaxSearchTime
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaTempletize xxx_time_for_MTG()
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaLittle timeman.cpp massage
2010-08-02 Joona KiiskiTweak default values for ucioptions
2010-08-02 Joona KiiskiNew Time management system
2010-07-31 Marco CostalbaAlways use ss->bestMove to store ply best move
2010-07-30 Marco CostalbaLower SingularExtensionDepth to 7 plies for non-pv
2010-07-26 Marco CostalbaTwo small fixes in passed pawns evaluation
2010-07-25 Marco CostalbaFix KBNK endgame
2010-07-25 Marco CostalbaRename EMPTY in NO_PIECE
2010-07-25 Marco CostalbaIntroduce enum SquareColor
2010-07-25 Marco CostalbaIntroduce and use same_color_squares()
2010-07-25 Marco CostalbaCleanup Position::print()
2010-07-25 Joona KiiskiFix build failure on GCC
2010-07-24 Marco CostalbaCleanup Position::to_fen()
2010-07-24 Marco CostalbaLast touches to from_fen()
2010-07-24 Marco CostalbaRewrite Position::from_fen()
2010-07-23 Joona KiiskiDon't initialize psqt-tables when 'ucinewgame' is received
2010-07-23 Joona KiiskiRetire 'Randomness' ucioption
2010-07-23 Joona KiiskiAlways init pthread locks to NULL
2010-07-23 Joona KiiskiRemove other locking options
2010-07-23 Marco CostalbaRetire SearchStack init() and initKillers()
2010-07-23 Marco CostalbaFix errouneus reset of ss->threatMove
2010-07-22 Marco CostalbaRevert previous patch
2010-07-22 Marco CostalbaWeight backward-ness of a pawn
2010-07-22 Joona KiiskiValueType needs only 2 bits to be stored in TT
2010-07-22 Joona KiiskiUpdate TT documentation
2010-07-21 Marco CostalbaMove insert_pv() and extract_pv() out of TT class
2010-07-21 Marco CostalbaStore position static score in TT as soon as possible
2010-07-20 Marco CostalbaIntroduce DEPTH_NONE and use it
2010-07-20 Joona KiiskiRemove pointless tte->static_value() != VALUE_NONE...
2010-07-20 Joona KiiskiStore static value and king danger in TT also in TT...
2010-07-19 Marco CostalbaFix "pass ss->eval to qsearch()" condition
2010-07-19 Marco CostalbaTriviality in material.cpp
2010-07-19 Marco CostalbaSmall rewrite of backward pawn test
2010-07-19 Joona KiiskiInitialize SearchStack only once at RootMoveList c'tor
2010-07-19 Joona KiiskiEvery node is responsible for initializing its own...
2010-07-19 Joona KiiskiDrop KILLER_MAX. Hardcode to 2 instead.
2010-07-19 Joona KiiskiDo not initialize ss->reduction to zero in the beginnin...
2010-07-19 Joona KiiskiDo not reset ss->eval in the beginning of the node
2010-07-17 Marco CostalbaFix isolated and backward pawns scoring
2010-07-17 Marco CostalbaTriviality in endgame.cpp
2010-07-16 Joona KiiskiUpdate Makefile
2010-07-15 Joona KiiskiFind balance between 1.7 and 1.8 reductions
2010-07-15 Marco CostalbaRemove redundant argument in think()
2010-07-15 Marco CostalbaRetire apply_scale_factor() and scale.h
2010-07-15 Marco CostalbaInline history and gain getters
2010-07-15 Marco CostalbaRetire value.cpp
2010-07-14 Marco CostalbaRetire LSN machinery
2010-07-14 Marco CostalbaTriviality in ucioption.cpp
2010-07-12 Marco CostalbaAdd moves from failed high nodes in PV
2010-07-12 Marco CostalbaFix (zugzwang) verification to be shallower then null...
2010-07-11 Joona KiiskiRemove TranspositionTable::overwrites variable
2010-07-11 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate bitbase.cpp
2010-07-11 Marco CostalbaThere is no need to clear TT at allocation time
2010-07-10 Marco CostalbaRevert previous patch
2010-07-10 Marco CostalbaMakefile: default on gcc 32 bits when type 'make'
2010-07-06 Marco CostalbaReword singular extension comments
2010-07-06 Joona KiiskiTweak Makefile a bit
2010-07-05 Marco CostalbaMove SplitPoint array under its thread
2010-07-04 Marco CostalbaTweak non-captures scoring
2010-07-04 Joona KiiskiFix TT documentation
2010-07-03 Marco CostalbaReintroduce GCC/ICC rounding hack
2010-07-03 Joona KiiskiFix Makefile for HPUX
2010-07-03 Marco CostalbaFix DIVIDE BY ZERO exception in init_search()
2010-07-03 Marco CostalbaPSQT access functions can be static
2010-07-03 Marco CostalbaUse only history to score non-captures
2010-07-03 Marco CostalbaRestore development version
2010-07-02 Marco CostalbaRevert "Another PSQT tuning round"
2010-07-02 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.8
2010-07-01 Marco CostalbaMark CheckInfo c'tor as explicit
2010-07-01 Marco CostalbaMove singleEvasion assignment out of move's loop
2010-06-29 Joona KiiskiAnother PSQT tuning round
2010-06-29 Marco CostalbaRemove a redundant check in passed pawn eval
2010-06-29 Marco CostalbaCode style triviality in san.cpp
2010-06-29 Marco CostalbaRename TranspositionTable 'writes' in 'overwrites'
2010-06-29 Marco CostalbaExtract only exact scores to get the PV
2010-06-26 Marco CostalbaRetire update_pv() and sp_update_pv()
2010-06-26 Marco CostalbaRetire pv[] from SearchStack
2010-06-26 Marco CostalbaIntroduce bestMove to store PV move
2010-06-26 Marco CostalbaCleanup code that stores score in TT
2010-06-26 Joona KiiskiFix some wrong documentation
2010-06-26 Joona KiiskiRemove unused constant
2010-06-25 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.8 beta 2
2010-06-25 Joona KiiskiHack to fix GCC/ICC rounding difference
2010-06-24 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.8 beta 1
2010-06-24 Marco CostalbaRevert "Do IID also when we already have a ttMove"
2010-06-24 Marco CostalbaCall apply_weight() for both colors in one go