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2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Updates for newer protobuf and Stockfish.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Remove the non-pretty moves from the protobuf, as it...
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Simplify a bit.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... More build tweaks.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Send back a prettyprinted version of the move on hash...
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Fix a crash issue when traversing PVs.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Link the protobuf stuff statically.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Deal with Stockfish internal API changes.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Make server address into an UCI option.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Move the hash probe class definition into a header...
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Do not fill value if we have no search info.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Refactor the RPC thread into a shutdown-able class.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Add a SCORE_NONE.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Decode the score into the protobuf.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Put the root into a separate place.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Prevent infinite loops on repetitions.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Return the entire PV, and in slightly more parseable...
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Give the proto a package name.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Return all candidate moves from the probe.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Do not use -Wshadow; it is incredibly noisy for protobu...
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... When returning gRPC probes, report scores from white...
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Write out null-move and no move.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Make the bound slightly easier to parse again.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Make the client prober output something a bit more...
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Rename client.cc to the right extension.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Better comments and enums in the proto file.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Fix a .depend dependency error.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Remove some debugging.
2018-11-24 Steinar H.... Initial commit for gRPC code.
2018-11-24 VizvezdenecReintroduce tropism to kingdanger
2018-11-24 31m059Remove the tropism term from kingDanger
2018-11-20 Joost VandeVondeleForce time check on TB probe in search.
2018-11-20 xoto10Bonus for restricting opponent's piece moves
2018-11-19 Stéphane NicoletStockfish 10-beta
2018-11-19 SFisGODTweak Queen PSQT based on tuned values
2018-11-19 KurtTune evaluation scores
2018-11-19 protonspringRemove BlockedStorm array
2018-11-19 VoyagerOneSimplify Castle Extension
2018-11-19 protonspringCode style in search.cpp
2018-11-19 Nikolay KostovUpdate a comment in the evaluate.cpp file to reflect...
2018-11-19 SFisGODRook PSQT Tuned
2018-11-19 VizvezdenecChange default contempt from 21 to 24 centipawns
2018-11-19 NoobyClear TableBase mappings in Search::clear()
2018-11-12 protonspringReplace the PassedDanger array by an equation
2018-11-12 mstemberaRemove redundant king square parameter
2018-11-11 31m059Simplify tropism. (#1807)
2018-11-08 Stephane NicoletUpdate list of top CPU contributors
2018-11-08 SFisGODPawn and Piece Values Tuned at LTC
2018-11-08 Joost VandeVondelefixup
2018-11-08 Joost VandeVondeleExtension for king moves changing castling rights
2018-11-04 Fabian FichterSimplify mobility danger
2018-11-02 Stéphane NicoletRook tweaks in evaluation
2018-11-01 Joost VandeVondeleFix issues from using adjustedDepth too broadly
2018-11-01 SFisGODCombo
2018-10-27 VizvezdenecTweak of knight PSQT and mobility bonuses
2018-10-25 Guenther DemetzOn main thread: reduce depth after fail high
2018-10-25 Peter ZsifkovitsNUMA for 9 threads or more
2018-10-23 Günther DemetzRevert Pull Request #1771, see issue #1785 (#1786)
2018-10-21 mstemberaSmall simplification in castling rights
2018-10-14 ElbertoOneSimplify check extensions
2018-10-14 Joost VandeVondeleRandomize draw eval
2018-10-14 Guenther DemetzCorrectly track down pv even in fail-high case
2018-10-14 Miguel LahozSimplify evaluation of blockers_for_king
2018-10-14 Joost VandeVondelesmall ttCapture simplification.
2018-10-14 31m059Combo
2018-09-27 Eduardo CaceresFix two typos in comments
2018-09-27 Joost VandeVondeleRemove essentially unused code
2018-09-27 protonspringTwo simplifications in passed pawns evaluation
2018-09-27 Rocky640Pawn PSQT Tuned
2018-09-27 Joost VandeVondeleRemove unneeded branch
2018-09-10 VizvezdenecTweak opposite colord bishops endgame scaling.
2018-09-04 ElbertoOneParameter tweaks in PSQT and NMP
2018-09-03 Stéphane NicoletUpdate list of authors
2018-09-01 Stéphane NicoletRe-introduce "keep pawns on both flanks"
2018-09-01 Rocky640Long Diagonal Tweaks
2018-08-29 protonspringRemove PawnsOnBothFlanks
2018-08-29 MJZ1977Fix bug with "excludedMove" for probcut
2018-08-29 Steinar H.... Shrink the hash table of tablebases back to 4096 entries
2018-08-28 Ondrej MosnacekRefactor pure static eval code
2018-08-28 protonspringmake DistanceRing more consistent
2018-08-28 VizvezdenecTweak stat bonus formula
2018-08-28 VoyagerOneDon't modify Eval with search stats at ttHits
2018-08-20 Stefan GeschwentnerStore only unchanged static evaluations in TT
2018-08-17 Stéphane NicoletUse an affine formula to mix stats and eval
2018-08-17 VoyagerOneMix search stats with evaluation
2018-08-17 protonspringSimplify king file dependancy in evaluate_shelter()
2018-08-14 Stéphane NicoletDouble weight of capture history
2018-08-14 Alain SAVARDRemove pawncount array in imbalance
2018-08-12 GuardianRMNon-linear bonus for pawn count
2018-08-12 Stefano CardanobileCombo of several promising parameter tweaks
2018-08-12 Jerry Donald... Simple razoring: depth 1 only, no distinction between...
2018-08-10 Miguel LahozRemove Condition For Passed Pawns
2018-08-09 Stefan GeschwentnerLMR simplification
2018-08-08 Stefano CardanobileFirst check threshold in space evaluation
2018-08-08 FauziAkramKing Psqt Tuning
2018-08-08 Stefano CardanobileIntroduce voting system for best move selection
2018-08-01 Marco CostalbaImprove Stats definition
2018-07-31 Marco CostalbaSmall tweaks to recent code changes
2018-07-31 noobpwnftw7-pieces Syzygy tablebase support
2018-07-30 Stéphane NicoletIntroduce tropism measure in king danger