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2019-02-03 mstemberaLess king danger if we have a knight near by to defend...
2019-02-01 Miguel LahozExtend discovered checks regardless of SEE
2019-02-01 Stéphane NicoletTweak tropism weight in king danger
2019-02-01 VizvezdenecMore precise checks evaluation in king danger
2019-01-31 protonspringSimplify Stat Score bonus
2019-01-29 DU-jdtoDon't update pvHit after IID
2019-01-29 Miguel LahozChange pinning logic in Static Exchange Evaluation...
2019-01-29 Maciej ŻenczykowskiUse int8_t instead of int for SquareDistance[]
2019-01-22 protonspringSimplify TrappedRook
2019-01-20 Joost VandeVondeleSimplify pondering time management (#1899)
2019-01-20 marotearSimplify pvHit (#1953)
2019-01-20 protonspringClean-up some shifting in space calculation (#1955)
2019-01-20 Jonathan DTweak initiative and Pawn PSQT (#1957)
2019-01-17 protonspringRemove AdjacentFiles
2019-01-14 protonspringSimplify pawn moves (#1900)
2019-01-14 Joost VandeVondeleSimplify time management a bit
2019-01-10 Joost VandeVondeleRemove pvExact
2019-01-10 mstemberaMinor cleanup to recent 'Flag critical search tree...
2019-01-09 Joost VandeVondeleSmall improvements to the CI infrastructure
2019-01-09 MJZ1977Flag critical search tree in hash table
2019-01-06 Miguel LahozIntroduce Multi-Cut
2019-01-04 Joost VandeVondeleCheck tablebase files
2019-01-04 Marco CostalbaDelay castling legality check
2019-01-01 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups (#1894)
2019-01-01 protonspringRemove openFiles in pawns. (#1917)
2019-01-01 protonspringRemove "Any" predicate filter (#1914)
2019-01-01 protonspringRemove as useless micro-optimization in pawns generatio...
2018-12-29 erbsenzaehlerImprove the Readme
2018-12-27 31m059Always initialize and evaluate king safety
2018-12-24 noobpwnftwSimplify SYSTEM_LOGICAL_PROCESSOR_INFORMATION_EX loop...
2018-12-24 noobpwnftwFix crash in best_group() (#1891)
2018-12-24 Joost VandeVondeleExtend stack to ss-5, and remove conditions
2018-12-24 protonspringImprove endgame KBN vs K (#1877)
2018-12-23 erbsenzaehlerUpdate our continuous integration machinery (#1889)
2018-12-23 mstemberaUse a bit less code to calculate hashfull() (#1830)
2018-12-23 mstemberaTurn on random access for Syzygy files in Windows ...
2018-12-23 protonspringSimplify generate_castling (#1885)
2018-12-20 protonspringSimplify KBNK endgame implementation
2018-12-18 Guenther DemetzTweak main killer penalty
2018-12-18 mstemberaNew voting formula for threads
2018-12-16 31m059Use stronglyProtected
2018-12-16 Alain SAVARDRefactor king ring calculation
2018-12-16 Joost VandeVondeleFix a segfault.
2018-12-16 Joost VandeVondeleStart a TT resize only after search finished.
2018-12-16 31m059Remove Null Move Pruning material threshold
2018-12-13 SFisGODA combo of parameter tweaks
2018-12-13 KurtAsymmetrical 8x8 Pawn PSQT
2018-12-11 protonspringChanges identified in RENAME/REFORMATTING thread (...
2018-12-09 VoyagerOneTweak CMH pruning
2018-12-09 protonspringremove extra line.
2018-12-09 protonspringremove parenthesis.
2018-12-09 protonspringadd paren.
2018-12-09 protonspringsimplify opposite_colors
2018-12-06 Stéphane NicoletRevert "pseudo_legal() and MOVE_NONE"
2018-12-06 VoyagerOneSimplify Killer Move Penalty
2018-12-06 xoto10Simplify time manager in search()
2018-12-06 protonspringpseudo_legal() and MOVE_NONE
2018-12-02 VizvezdenecIntroduce concept of double pawn protection.
2018-12-01 Miguel LahozPenalize refuted killers in continuation history
2018-12-01 ElbertoOneRemove Overload bonus
2018-11-29 Stéphane NicoletRestore development version
2018-11-29 Stéphane NicoletStockfish 10
2018-11-29 Stéphane NicoletUpdate list of authors
2018-11-29 Sebastian BuchwaldUse emplace_back() in TB code
2018-11-27 31m059Simplify casting extension
2018-11-27 Steinar H.... Turn on MADV_RANDOM for Syzygy mmaps (on Unix-like...
2018-11-25 Jörg OsterQsearch simplification. (#1828)
2018-11-24 VizvezdenecReintroduce tropism to kingdanger
2018-11-24 31m059Remove the tropism term from kingDanger
2018-11-20 Joost VandeVondeleForce time check on TB probe in search.
2018-11-20 xoto10Bonus for restricting opponent's piece moves
2018-11-19 Stéphane NicoletStockfish 10-beta
2018-11-19 SFisGODTweak Queen PSQT based on tuned values
2018-11-19 KurtTune evaluation scores
2018-11-19 protonspringRemove BlockedStorm array
2018-11-19 VoyagerOneSimplify Castle Extension
2018-11-19 protonspringCode style in search.cpp
2018-11-19 Nikolay KostovUpdate a comment in the evaluate.cpp file to reflect...
2018-11-19 SFisGODRook PSQT Tuned
2018-11-19 VizvezdenecChange default contempt from 21 to 24 centipawns
2018-11-19 NoobyClear TableBase mappings in Search::clear()
2018-11-12 protonspringReplace the PassedDanger array by an equation
2018-11-12 mstemberaRemove redundant king square parameter
2018-11-11 31m059Simplify tropism. (#1807)
2018-11-08 Stephane NicoletUpdate list of top CPU contributors
2018-11-08 SFisGODPawn and Piece Values Tuned at LTC
2018-11-08 Joost VandeVondelefixup
2018-11-08 Joost VandeVondeleExtension for king moves changing castling rights
2018-11-04 Fabian FichterSimplify mobility danger
2018-11-02 Stéphane NicoletRook tweaks in evaluation
2018-11-01 Joost VandeVondeleFix issues from using adjustedDepth too broadly
2018-11-01 SFisGODCombo
2018-10-27 VizvezdenecTweak of knight PSQT and mobility bonuses
2018-10-25 Guenther DemetzOn main thread: reduce depth after fail high
2018-10-25 Peter ZsifkovitsNUMA for 9 threads or more
2018-10-23 Günther DemetzRevert Pull Request #1771, see issue #1785 (#1786)
2018-10-21 mstemberaSmall simplification in castling rights
2018-10-14 ElbertoOneSimplify check extensions
2018-10-14 Joost VandeVondeleRandomize draw eval
2018-10-14 Guenther DemetzCorrectly track down pv even in fail-high case