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2010-10-09 Marco CostalbaSmall codestyle touches
2010-10-07 Marco CostalbaProperly set to zero stuff returned by 'new'
2010-10-06 Marco CostalbaRetire updateKingTables[]
2010-10-05 Marco CostalbaSkip ei.kingZone[] initialization together with king...
2010-10-05 Marco CostalbaSkip an useless compare in space evaluation
2010-10-05 Marco CostalbaRestore development version
2010-10-05 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.9.1
2010-10-05 Marco CostalbaFix broken chess960 under Shredder GUI
2010-10-04 Marco CostalbaRewrite bit counting functions
2010-10-03 Marco CostalbaRemove -pedantic option
2010-10-03 Marco CostalbaUse special handling for promotions in move_is_legal()
2010-10-02 Marco CostalbaFix an obsoleted NO_PIECE_TYPE in a comment
2010-10-02 Marco CostalbaRestore development version
2010-10-02 Marco CostalbaIncrease warning level
2010-10-02 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.9
2010-09-26 Joona KiiskiLess aggressive move count based futility pruning
2010-09-25 Marco CostalbaFix handling of 50 move rule and remove a fixme
2010-09-25 Marco CostalbaShrink OutpostBonus[] definition
2010-09-24 Marco CostalbaSimplify scale factors implementation
2010-09-24 Marco CostalbaRename no_mob_area in mobilityArea
2010-09-21 Marco CostalbaSmall code style in qsearch
2010-09-21 Marco CostalbaDo not update killers in qsearch
2010-09-19 Marco CostalbaA king move can never have negative SEE
2010-09-19 Marco CostalbaSimplify SEE
2010-09-16 Marco CostalbaRetire NullMoveMargin
2010-09-14 Marco CostalbaWe need just one eval margin in search
2010-09-14 Marco CostalbaReintroduce rook contact checks
2010-09-14 Marco CostalbaFix a warning under icc
2010-09-13 Marco CostalbaRetire badCaptures[] array in MovePicker
2010-09-12 Marco CostalbaIncrease QueenContactCheckBonus
2010-09-12 Marco CostalbaDo not update king tables when we skip king safety
2010-09-11 Joona KiiskiRetire pawn storm evaluation
2010-09-04 Marco CostalbaArray FutilityMarginsMatrix stores Values
2010-08-30 Marco CostalbaRemove get_* prefix from RootMoveList API
2010-08-30 Marco CostalbaUse only cumulativeNodes in RootMoveList
2010-08-28 Marco CostalbaUse evaluation margins also in main search
2010-08-27 Marco CostalbaSplit branches in generate_piece_moves()
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaSpeed up updateShelter()
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaAssorted code style in evaluation.cpp
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaFinally remove value from EvalInfo
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaRemove dependency from ei.value in evaluate functions
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaRemove margin[] from EvalInfo
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaRemove MaterialInfo* from EvalInfo
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaChange evaluate() signature
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaRetire attackedBy[] access functions
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaDecrypt some magics in bitboards definitions
2010-08-24 Marco CostalbaWe don't need EvalInfo c'tor anymore
2010-08-24 Marco CostalbaRename ei.kingDanger in ei.margin
2010-08-24 Marco CostalbaCall apply_weight() only once in passed pawns evaluation
2010-08-24 Marco CostalbaDon't need to memset() EvalInfo
2010-08-24 Marco CostalbaThere is no need of storing mobility in EvalInfo
2010-08-24 Marco CostalbaRefresh comments in evaluate.cpp
2010-08-24 Marco CostalbaUnify single MobilityBonus[] tables in a big single one
2010-08-24 Marco CostalbaRetire trapped bishop evaluation
2010-08-22 Marco CostalbaRetire UCI_Chess960 option
2010-08-22 Marco CostalbaPrefetch pawn hash key
2010-08-22 Marco CostalbaRetire unstoppable pawns evaluation
2010-08-21 Marco CostalbaRemove my address from README
2010-08-20 Marco CostalbaRetire beta counters stuff
2010-08-20 Joona KiiskiUse MovePicker's move ordering also at root
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaMove StartPositionFEN out of the header
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaMove piece values in piece.h / piece.cpp
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaRetire is_upper_bound() and friend
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaRetire useless piece_value_midgame() overloads
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaIntroduce and use SCORE_ZERO
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaDo not score PH_QCHECKS
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaDisable templetized operators by default
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaIntroduce enum VALUE_ZERO instead of Value(0)
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaUse Use templetized operations for Score and Value
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaUse templetized operations for Piece
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaUse templetized operations for Square
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaUse templetized operations for File and Rank
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaUse templetize enum operations for Depth
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaStore in TT with depth == -OnePly instead of -1
2010-08-19 Marco Costalba(Re)introduce DEPTH_ZERO to replace Depth(0)
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaRetire some unused Depth operator() functions
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaRename OnePly in ONE_PLY
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaDefine OnePly as a Depth enum costant
2010-08-18 Marco CostalbaRevert F_90 and F_92
2010-08-09 Marco CostalbaCleanup and optimize Position::has_mate_threat()
2010-08-08 Marco CostalbaUsual material.cpp small touches
2010-08-07 Marco CostalbaRename constants to use *_NONE scheme
2010-08-06 Marco CostalbaMove depth computation out of fail low loop
2010-08-06 Marco CostalbaAnother push to perft speed
2010-08-06 Marco CostalbaFaster perft
2010-08-03 Marco CostalbaRename TM in ThreadsMgr
2010-08-03 Marco CostalbaTimeManager API rename
2010-08-03 Marco CostalbaMove time related global variables under TimeManager
2010-08-03 Marco CostalbaIntroduce TimeManager class
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaSmall cleanup in search Step.5
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaReset bestMove before entering main moves loop
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaUse past SE information also for success cases
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaRename MaxSearchTime and AbsoluteMaxSearchTime
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaTempletize xxx_time_for_MTG()
2010-08-02 Marco CostalbaLittle timeman.cpp massage
2010-08-02 Joona KiiskiTweak default values for ucioptions
2010-08-02 Joona KiiskiNew Time management system
2010-07-31 Marco CostalbaAlways use ss->bestMove to store ply best move
2010-07-30 Marco CostalbaLower SingularExtensionDepth to 7 plies for non-pv
2010-07-26 Marco CostalbaTwo small fixes in passed pawns evaluation