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2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaPosition: fix a couple of Intel compiler warnings
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaTest with SEE shortcut
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaBetter naming of pseudo-legality and legality testing
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaTry to cleanup movepick
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaRestore original movepick modulo space inflation
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate position: complete!
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate position until do_promotion_move()
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaStart to space inflate position.cpp
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaFix a performance bug in generate_move_if_legal
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaUnify pinned and discovery checks code
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaRefactor Position::pinned_pieces() to use templates
2008-10-24 Marco Costalbamovegen: add SERIALIZE_MOVES and hides a bunch of loops
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaAnother generate_piece_moves() micro optimization
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaFix another template conversion bug in movegen
2008-10-23 Marco Costalbamovegen: prefer (*mlist++) to mlist[n++]
2008-10-23 Marco CostalbaFix a bug in generate_pawn_captures()
2008-10-23 Marco CostalbaFully templetize pawn move generators
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize generate_piece_moves()
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaAnother Intel warning sqeezed
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaQuiet a warning on Intel compiler
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaShrink arguments in move generation functions
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaFix a bug in king discoveries checks
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright info
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaLast little touches to movegen
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaRename PawnOffsets in PawnParams
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaPawn move generator: dispatch at compile time
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaStart to templetize pawn move generators
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaRemove Positions::xxx_count() functions
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaRemove white/black_pawn_attacks_square()
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaTempletize Position::xxx_attacks_square()
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaRemove Position::xxx_list() functions
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaAdd a generate_piece_checks() specialization for the...
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaRemove white/black_pawn_attacks()
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaPrefer template to name decoration
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaFix a missing comma in BenchmarkPositions[]
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaPosition::is_ok()give more info on failed test
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaFix an assert due to a missing parentesis
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaFinal semplification of generate_evasions()
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaIntroduce generate_piece_blocking_evasions()
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate generate_evasions()
2008-10-18 Marco Costalbamovegen: Introduce generate_pawn_noncaptures()
2008-10-18 Marco Costalbamovegen: Introduce generate_pawn_captures()
2008-10-18 Marco Costalbamovegen: Fix just introduced move counter bug
2008-10-18 Marco Costalbamovegen: Introduce generate_pawn_checks()
2008-10-18 Marco Costalbagenerate_checks: fix a bug in black double pawn push
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate generate_castle_moves()
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaUnify pieces check generation with generate_piece_checks()
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaDo not special case generate_king_moves()
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaUse a const pointer-to-member array for attacks
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaUse pointer-to-members to remove a bunch of duplicated...
2008-10-18 Marco Costalbamovegen: revert see ordering in score_captures()
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaMovegen: further simplify generate_move_if_legal
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaUnify black and white code in generate_move_if_legal()
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate movegen.cpp
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaMovepick: add and use find_best_index() helper
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaTest with see
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaUse MVV to score captures when see >=0
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaMovePicker: use const reference instead of pointers
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate movepick.cpp
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaBetter comment previous patch
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaAlways add psqt scoring
2008-10-18 Marco CostalbaShortcut sorting when no move is in history
2008-10-15 Marco CostalbaAdd psqt ordering when there is no history
2008-10-13 unknownIntroduce Stockfish
2008-10-13 Marco CostalbaImplement Last Seconds Noise (LSN) filtering
2008-10-13 Marco CostalbaAdd a second margin to razoring
2008-10-13 Marco CostalbaWorkaround a static data member bug in MSVC
2008-10-12 Marco CostalbaYet another pop_1st_bit() optimization
2008-10-11 Marco CostalbaAdd mean calculation in debug tools
2008-10-11 Marco CostalbaRevert bad capture pruning
2008-10-06 Marco CostalbaBetter interface to get the current move type
2008-10-06 Marco CostalbaAllow to prune bad captures
2008-10-06 Marco CostalbaTeach MovePicker::get_next_move() to return move type
2008-10-05 Marco CostalbaFix single digit day in engine_name()
2008-10-04 Marco CostalbaAdd dbg_before() and dbg_after()
2008-10-04 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate Position::to_fen()
2008-09-28 Marco Costalbaposition.cpp: fix a typo introduced by recent patch
2008-09-28 Marco CostalbaUse relative values in piece square tables
2008-09-28 Marco CostalbaStart to cleanup position.cpp
2008-09-28 Marco CostalbaAdd dbg_hit_on_c(c, x) tool
2008-09-26 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate evaluate_king()
2008-09-26 Marco CostalbaClarify difference between king zone and adjacent zone
2008-09-26 Marco CostalbaTidy up quick_evaluate()
2008-09-26 Marco CostalbaTidy up middle game specific evaluation
2008-09-26 Marco CostalbaCode style massage evaluate()
2008-09-25 Marco CostalbaAdd auto configuration for 32/64 bits
2008-09-24 Marco CostalbaEvaluate: weight_option() is static
2008-09-24 Marco CostalbaCleanup read_weights() in evaluate.cpp
2008-09-24 Marco CostalbaEvaluate: rename king attack variables
2008-09-24 Marco CostalbaFurther cleanup evaluate()
2008-09-24 Marco CostalbaRename pawn_rank() in relative_rank()
2008-09-24 Marco CostalbaAdd also outposts evaluation in common code
2008-09-24 Marco CostalbaGroup common evaluate code
2008-09-23 Marco CostalbaWarnings termination fest
2008-09-23 Marco CostalbaDo not use evaluate() for razoring
2008-09-23 Marco Costalbainit_eval: small cleanup
2008-09-23 Marco CostalbaFix InitKingDanger initialization
2008-09-21 Marco CostalbaOptimize pop_1st_bit() take 2
2008-09-21 Marco CostalbaChange the name to Glaurung clone
2008-09-21 Marco CostalbaSwitch to developer version numbering