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2008-12-06 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.1
2008-12-06 Marco CostalbaRevert see() shortcut for LxH and equal captures
2008-12-06 Marco CostalbaFix two gcc warnings in san.cpp
2008-12-06 Marco CostalbaFix an Intel warning in san.cpp
2008-12-06 Marco CostalbaMovePicker: avoid calling see() for LxH and equal captures
2008-12-06 Marco CostalbaNull capture pruning
2008-12-06 Marco CostalbaPosition::move_is_capture() does not handle MOVE_NONE
2008-12-06 Marco CostalbaAllow to call Position::print() from MovePicker
2008-12-05 Marco Costalbasan.cpp: rewrite broken move_from_san
2008-12-05 Marco Costalbasan.cpp cleanup
2008-11-30 Marco CostalbaRevert opponent time advantage logic
2008-11-30 Marco CostalbaRevert sigmoid interpolator
2008-11-30 Marco Costalbasan.cpp pass position as constant reference
2008-11-29 Marco Costalbapiece_type_to_char() default argument in declaration
2008-11-26 Marco CostalbaRevert threat move ordering
2008-11-25 Marco CostalbaTweak allocated time per move
2008-11-25 Marco CostalbaRewrok the extendeable patch
2008-11-25 Marco CostalbaMovePicker: take advantage of threat move for ordering
2008-11-25 Marco CostalbaUse extendable instead of depth extension
2008-11-24 Marco CostalbaGenerate moves for powerful pieces first
2008-11-24 Marco CostalbaBenchmark: print nodes searched at the end of testing
2008-11-22 Marco CostalbaEasy debug macro enabling
2008-11-22 Marco CostalbaIntroduce node limited benchmarking
2008-11-22 Marco CostalbaIntroduce depth limited benchmarking
2008-11-19 Marco CostalbaRemove an include in movepick.h
2008-11-19 Marco CostalbaFix a silly bug that disabled second killer
2008-11-19 Marco Costalbaqsearch: restore pruning of pv nodes with negative SEE
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaFix Intel warnings and init_search_stack argument
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaSet killer slots number to 2
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaMovePicker: fix a nasty bug in EvalInfo optimization
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaAdd and use update_killers()
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaAdd and use move_is_killer() helper
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaConvert killers to a vector
2008-11-16 Marco Costalbaqsearch: do not prune pv nodes with negative SEE
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaDisable per-square MVV/LVA for now
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaMovePicker: use EvalInfo to skip generating captures
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaPosition::to_fen(): fix a bug in side to move represent...
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaPrint the move in addition to position
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaEnable per-square MVV/LVA
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaMovePicker:find bad captures during scoring
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaMovePicker: introduce per square MVV/LVA ordering
2008-11-16 Marco CostalbaFix hashfull info
2008-11-10 Marco CostalbaFix in ok_to_history(): castle move is not a capture
2008-11-10 Marco CostalbaSmall tidyup of TranspositionTable::store()
2008-11-10 Marco CostalbaFix a logic bug in TranspositionTable::store()
2008-11-10 Marco CostalbaMicro optimization of update_history()
2008-11-10 Marco CostalbaUse cut-off checks in qsearch as killer moves
2008-11-10 Marco CostalbaSmaller null move reduction when depth is high
2008-11-10 Marco CostalbaIntroduce LastIterations variable
2008-11-10 Marco CostalbaRestore development versioning and LSN filtering
2008-11-04 Marco CostalbaFix a missed initialization in get_option_value()
2008-11-04 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.01
2008-11-04 Marco CostalbaFix compile under Ubuntu 64bit
2008-11-04 Marco CostalbaFix a serious bug in TranspositionTable::retrieve()
2008-11-04 Marco CostalbaRestore development versioning
2008-11-04 Marco CostalbaRestore LSN filtering
2008-11-02 Marco CostalbaRevert movepick optimizations before to release
2008-11-02 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.0
2008-11-02 Marco CostalbaDisable LSN filtering as defualt for release
2008-11-02 Marco CostalbaUse MVV/LVA in score_evasions()
2008-11-02 Marco CostalbaDelay SEE for scoring captures
2008-11-02 Marco Costalbasearch: micro optimization
2008-11-02 Marco CostalbaFix a couple of gcc warnings in position.cpp
2008-11-02 Marco CostalbaUpdate README to Stockfish
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaFinal touches to material.cpp
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaMaterial: lockless per-thread maps
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaRevert "MovePicker::score_captures() order with SEE...
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate move.cpp
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaRevert "Relax time constraints"
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaPartially space inflate search.cpp
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaRelax time constraints
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaMaterial: micro optimize map reading
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaMaterial: protect global map access with locks
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaMovePicker::score_captures() order with SEE when pv
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaRevert "Last minute surprise" for now
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaFinish material.cpp cleanup
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaStart to simplify material.cpp
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaFactor out Position::do_capture_move()
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaFix a bug in generate_evasions()
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaRefine "few moves" in "last minute surprise"
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaManual merge
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate extension() code
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaTEST: extend when few moves available
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaRevert see shortcut when only one attacker
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaPrefer out of loop variables in MovePicker::score_captu...
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaEffectively use MVV/LVA in MovePicker::score_captures()
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaReintroduce piece/square tables to score non-captures
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaPosition: fix a couple of Intel compiler warnings
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaTest with SEE shortcut
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaBetter naming of pseudo-legality and legality testing
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaTry to cleanup movepick
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaRestore original movepick modulo space inflation
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate position: complete!
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate position until do_promotion_move()
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaStart to space inflate position.cpp
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaFix a performance bug in generate_move_if_legal
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaUnify pinned and discovery checks code
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaRefactor Position::pinned_pieces() to use templates
2008-10-24 Marco Costalbamovegen: add SERIALIZE_MOVES and hides a bunch of loops
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaAnother generate_piece_moves() micro optimization