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2019-10-17 Joost VandeVondeleAdd four positions to bench
2019-10-09 VoyagerOneIntroduce separate counter-move tables for inCheck
2019-10-09 31m059No reachable outpost bonus for bishops
2019-10-07 AlayanAdjust aspiration window with eval
2019-10-07 SFisGODTweak kingFlankAttacks factor in kingDanger
2019-10-06 Alain SAVARDAdjust pawn span
2019-10-06 Ondrej MosnacekMake priorCapture a bool
2019-10-06 VoyagerOneIntroduce separate counter-move tables for captures
2019-10-05 Brian SheppardEliminate ONE_PLY
2019-10-05 Stéphane NicoletFix compare function in previous patch
2019-10-05 mstemberaRemove temporary shelter array
2019-10-02 Moez JellouliMore accurate pawn attack span definition
2019-10-01 Joost VandeVondeleAdjust reductions based on the number of threads
2019-10-01 protonspringRemove ThreatByRank
2019-09-30 Joost VandeVondeleRemove depth dependence in value_draw().
2019-09-27 31m059Extend castling independently of singular extension
2019-09-27 Alain SAVARDSimplify RookOnPawn
2019-09-26 Joost VandeVondeleRemove custom mutex implementation
2019-09-26 Stéphane NicoletRestore development version (revert previous commit)
2019-09-25 Stéphane NicoletTemporary patch to show the compiler for TCEC submission
2019-09-24 Stéphane NicoletIncrease weight for supported pawns
2019-09-24 nickpellingClarify the mapping of files to queenside
2019-09-23 xoto10Encourage rook lift to third rank
2019-09-23 Stéphane NicoletRevert "Clarify the mapping of files to queenside"
2019-09-23 Stéphane NicoletClarify the mapping of files to queenside
2019-09-23 Joost VandeVondeleMore random draw evaluations
2019-09-23 protonspringSimplify connected pawn scoring
2019-09-23 Joost VandeVondeleAcknowledge fishtest authors
2019-09-16 noobpwnftwRaise stack size to 8MB for pthreads
2019-09-15 Stéphane NicoletScale down endgame factor when shuffling
2019-09-14 VizvezdenecIntroduce midgame initiative
2019-09-14 Stéphane NicoletAssorted trivial cleanups
2019-09-14 31m059Use queens of either color in RookOnQueenFile
2019-09-14 Stéphane NicoletUpdate Makefile documentation
2019-09-14 Joost VandeVondeleAdd sse4 if bmi2 is enabled
2019-09-12 VizvezdenecScale down complexity for almost unwinnable endgames
2019-09-12 xoto10Bonus for rook on same file as their queen
2019-09-12 protonspringSimplify Weak Lever
2019-09-11 Stefan GeschwentnerUpdate reverse move stats
2019-08-26 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak Late Move Reduction at root
2019-08-25 VoyagerOneNMP Tweaks
2019-08-24 protonspringImprove signature of evaluate_shelter()
2019-08-23 protonspringConsolidate CastlingSide and CastlingRights
2019-08-23 protonspringSimplify futility equation
2019-08-21 VizvezdenecLate move reduction, captures and CUT nodes
2019-08-21 protonspringTuned Futility Equation
2019-08-21 Jean GauthierSlight speep up fetching the endgame table
2019-08-14 Alain SAVARDAssorted trivial cleanups (July 2019)
2019-08-14 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak unsafe checks
2019-08-01 joergosterRevert "Improve multiPV mode"
2019-07-31 xoto10Tune search constants
2019-07-28 protonspringSimplify weak lever
2019-07-26 mstemberaBug fix: always choose shortest mate in multithread...
2019-07-26 protonspringRemove operators for color
2019-07-25 VizvezdenecTweak of SEE pruning condition
2019-07-25 Alain SAVARDPawn clean up
2019-07-25 VoyagerOneLMR Tweak
2019-07-25 Alain SAVARDPassed file cleanup
2019-07-25 LolligerhansNo influence on unsafeSquares of passers by pieces
2019-07-25 VizvezdenecTweak LMR and killers
2019-07-25 Alain SAVARDSpace Invaders
2019-07-14 Marco CostalbaFix bench
2019-07-14 Joost VandeVondeleUCI_Elo implementation (#2225)
2019-07-14 protonspringRemove std::pow from reduction. (#2234)
2019-07-14 31m059Just blockSq, not forward file. Bench: 3377831 (#2240)
2019-07-14 Michael Chalytviigg. (#2238)
2019-07-14 31m059Linear formula for w. Bench: 3328507 (#2239)
2019-07-13 Stefan GeschwentnerFull bonus for LMR stats update
2019-07-12 Stefan GeschwentnerLate Move reduction and continuation history
2019-07-11 31m059Exclude passed pawns from Attacked2Unsupported
2019-07-11 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups June 2019
2019-07-11 VoyagerOneTweak capture scoring formula
2019-07-11 xoto10Combo of statscore divisor and pawn psqt changes
2019-07-11 protonspringUse score instead of array to evaluate shelter
2019-07-11 Daniel AxtensEnable popcount and prefetch for ppc-64
2019-07-01 Joost VandeVondeleSmoothly change playing strength with skill level....
2019-07-01 Joost VandeVondeleIntroduce coordination between searching threads (...
2019-06-30 protonspringMove storm special condition to UnblockedStorm array...
2019-06-30 Jörg OsterTry to get a more precise bench time (#2211)
2019-06-27 protonspringBonus for double attacks on unsupported pawns
2019-06-27 VizvezdenecIntroduce attacks on space area
2019-06-27 Sergei IvanovDo not define increment operators on Value, Depth and...
2019-06-27 joergosterImprove multiPV mode
2019-06-22 Joost VandeVondeleMake the debug counters thread safe.
2019-06-21 VizvezdenecRewrite "More bonus for free passed pawn"
2019-06-20 VizvezdenecMore bonus for free passed pawn
2019-06-20 Miguel LahozChange multi-cut pruning condition
2019-06-20 VoyagerOneQuietPick Speed-up
2019-06-20 Joost VandeVondeleFix progress issue with shuffling extensions
2019-06-20 syzygy1Partial revert of "Assorted trivial cleanups 5/2019".
2019-06-14 VoyagerOneSimplify SEE Pruning (#2191)
2019-06-14 protonspringRemove backmost_sq (#2190)
2019-06-14 Stefan GeschwentnerIncrease pawns cache (#2187)
2019-06-09 VoyagerOneNo DC prune in QS (#2185)
2019-06-09 Marco CostalbaAssorted trivial cleanups 5/2019
2019-06-09 Stefan GeschwentnerRemove depth condition for ttPv (#2166)
2019-06-09 protonspringSimplify passed pawns. (#2159)
2019-06-09 protonspringRemove a few file_of's (simplify adjacent_files_bb...
2019-06-09 protonspringSimplify WeakUnopposedPawn #2181
2019-06-09 VoyagerOneSEE Pruning Tweak (#2183)