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2016-09-15 Marco CostalbaRenaming in MovePicker
2016-09-14 Marco CostalbaRetire MovePicker::see_sign()
2016-09-14 VoyagerOneTweak SEE margin in pruning conditions
2016-09-13 syzygyIntegrate next_stage() logic into next_move()
2016-09-12 Guenther DemetzSimplify code for pinaware SEE
2016-09-12 Guenther DemetzPinned aware SEE
2016-09-11 Stefano CardanobileReorder evaluation start
2016-09-09 Marco CostalbaUse Movepick SEE value in search
2016-09-08 Marco CostalbaRefactor previous patch
2016-09-08 ajithcjPrune dangerous moves at low depth
2016-09-04 Marco CostalbaSyntactic sugar to loop across pieces
2016-09-04 syzygyChange from [Color][PieceType] to [Piece]
2016-09-03 Marco CostalbaFix syzygy with partial TB
2016-09-02 Stéphane NicoletSpace bonus in presence of open files
2016-09-02 lucasartChange exclusion key setup
2016-09-02 Stefano80Retire linear imbalance
2016-08-31 ajithcjOptimize order of a few conditions in search
2016-08-30 VoyagerOneRemove condition on killers in history pruning
2016-08-29 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak probcut threshold
2016-08-28 Andrew GrantRemoved an extra space
2016-08-28 Alain SAVARDMove king tropism to evaluate_king
2016-08-28 Marco CostalbaRetire CheckInfo
2016-08-27 Marco CostalbaSilence some warnings with MSVC 2013
2016-08-27 Stéphane NicoletMove CheckInfo under StateInfo
2016-08-27 Marco CostalbaMake engine ONE_PLY value independent
2016-08-27 gamanderFixed wrong definition of WhiteCamp and BlackCamp
2016-08-27 hximSimplify stats update
2016-08-25 Marco CostalbaReformat stats update
2016-08-24 VoyagerOneRefutation penalty on captures
2016-08-19 VoyagerOneSimplify IID
2016-08-19 VoyagerOneDo LMR on captures
2016-08-18 Marco CostalbaRemove a stale assignment
2016-08-18 Stefano80Retire pawn span
2016-08-15 VoyagerOneUse predicted depth for history pruning
2016-08-13 Luca BrivioCap space evaluation bonus
2016-08-10 Alain SAVARDSimplify space formula
2016-08-02 VoyagerOneUse Color-From-To history stats to help sort moves
2016-08-01 VoyagerOneFutility tweak
2016-07-24 ajithcjAllow null pruning at depth 1
2016-07-24 Stefano80See prune at higher depth
2016-07-16 ajithcjGradually relax the NMP staticEval check
2016-07-16 Lyudmil AntonovWorkaround gcc stack alignment bug
2016-07-12 joergosterFix extract_ponder_from_tt()
2016-07-08 Stéphane NicoletKing tropism
2016-07-07 Alain SAVARDMore safe checks
2016-07-02 ajithcjUse staticEval in null prune condition
2016-06-26 loco-locoRemoving inCheck condition for counter move bonus
2016-06-25 Marco CostalbaRestore standard passed pawn definition
2016-06-24 ElbertoOneRemove redundant PvNode condition
2016-06-24 VoyagerOneComment out a redundant condition
2016-06-21 Jonathan CalovskiRemove scalefactor dependency
2016-06-19 ElbertoOneOn IID do not always search with cutNode = true
2016-06-18 VoyagerOneSimplify Check Extension
2016-06-15 ajithcjDon't insert pv back into tt
2016-06-15 lucasartDo not hardcode Debug Log File
2016-06-11 Marco CostalbaFilter root moves filter before copy to threads
2016-06-10 VoyagerOneStat Formula Tweak
2016-06-10 VoyagerOneTweak check extension condition
2016-06-10 Alain SAVARDSmall Queen simplification
2016-06-10 mstemberaAvoid some redundant scaling function calls
2016-06-07 ElbertoOneLMR reduction parameter tweak
2016-06-07 Marco CostalbaFix syzygy DTZ bug
2016-06-03 VoyagerOneSimplify Futility Pruning
2016-06-03 ElbertoOneLMR Simplification
2016-06-03 joergosterTuned values for piece check and attack unit factors
2016-05-28 Stéphane NicoletPins or discovered attacks on the opponent's queen
2016-05-28 Stéphane NicoletTeach check_blockers to check also non-king pieces
2016-05-26 Stéphane NicoletSimplify doubled pawn
2016-05-20 Leonid PechenikMore detailed dependence of time allocation on the...
2016-05-20 loco-locoAssorted pruning tweaks
2016-05-14 mstemberaFix a multiPV bug in lazy SMP
2016-05-13 Stéphane NicoletDouble pawn simplification
2016-05-10 loco-locoMerge good and bad quiets
2016-05-06 Alain SAVARDUnsafe checks
2016-05-05 Marco CostalbaRetire __popcnt64 intrinsic
2016-05-05 VoyagerOneSimplify History LMR Formula
2016-05-01 Marco CostalbaFix a warning with MSVC
2016-05-01 joergosterFix LazySMP when searching to a fixed depth.
2016-05-01 erbsenzaehlerUse popcount intrinsic with Interl compiler
2016-05-01 KrgpRemove useless -mbmi flag in Makefile
2016-04-30 Stéphane NicoletIsolated pawn simplification
2016-04-24 VoyagerOneUse FMHs to assist with LMR formula.
2016-04-23 erbsenzaehlerUse -O3 for all compilers (including ICC)
2016-04-23 DU-jdtoRemove some pointless micro-optimizations
2016-04-17 Marco CostalbaFix incorrect draw detection
2016-04-17 loco-locoAdd a second level of follow-up moves
2016-04-17 Marco CostalbaStateInfo is usually allocated on the stack by search()
2016-04-16 Niklas FiekasFix last search info carried over to mate position
2016-04-09 Marco CostalbaHide global visibility when not needed
2016-04-09 Marco CostalbaFix Travis Cl
2016-04-08 DU-jdtoSmall passed pawn simplification
2016-04-08 Alain SAVARDUndefended King Ring
2016-04-08 Alain SAVARDBackward simplication
2016-04-08 mstemberaSimplify popcnt
2016-04-08 lucasart32-bit/64-bit Makefile fix
2016-03-31 NicklasPerssonA combo patch of two tuning patches
2016-03-31 lucasartGuard against UB in lsb/msb
2016-03-28 Marco CostalbaRewrite bsfq management
2016-03-27 snicoletBonus for loose enemies
2016-03-27 mbootsectorRaise endgame passed pawn and material values