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2009-12-26 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.6.1
2009-12-26 Marco CostalbaWorkaround optimization bug in gcc
2009-12-26 Marco CostalbaFix description of Score enum
2009-12-26 Marco CostalbaFix a typo in ReducedStateInfo
2009-12-22 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.6
2009-12-21 Marco CostalbaScore definition gives a compile error under gcc
2009-12-19 Marco CostalbaSetup Release Candidate 1
2009-12-19 Marco CostalbaFix a comment in HistoryMax description
2009-12-18 Marco CostalbaFix book name is hard coded as book.bin
2009-12-15 Marco CostalbaIn non-PV IID don't call evaluate when in check
2009-12-15 Marco CostalbaFix a compile error in debug mode
2009-12-14 Marco CostalbaEnable IID at non-PV nodes
2009-12-13 Joona KiiskiSynchronize pruning rules in search and sp_search
2009-12-12 Marco CostalbaRemove history counters
2009-12-10 Joona KiiskiFix overflow risk in split point
2009-12-09 Joona KiiskiRe-enable TT.insert_pv()
2009-12-08 Joona KiiskiDisable insert_pv
2009-12-08 Marco CostalbaSet IncrementalFutilityMargin to 8
2009-12-03 Joona KiiskiReplace 100 with PLY_MAX in ok_to_use_TT
2009-12-02 Joona KiiskiAdjust SingleReplyMargin 0x64 -> 0x20
2009-12-02 Marco CostalbaDon't clear hash at the beginning of a new game
2009-12-01 Marco CostalbaTry to prune also when approximateEval < beta
2009-11-28 Joona KiiskiDo not crash if we are asked to search mate or stalemat...
2009-11-28 Marco CostalbaFix get_option_value() for strings with spaces
2009-11-28 Marco CostalbaRetire FutilityMargins[] array
2009-11-27 Marco CostalbaIncrementalFutilityMargin to 4 and increased pruning
2009-11-27 Joona KiiskiDrop OnlyMoveExt PV-condition from 8 plies to 6 plies
2009-11-27 Marco CostalbaUse move not ttMove in exclude search
2009-11-27 Marco CostalbaBetter document previous patch
2009-11-26 Marco CostalbaFix a possible crash in excluded search condition
2009-11-25 Marco CostalbaDocument why we don't use TT to prune in search_pv()
2009-11-25 Joona KiiskiRevert last Only move extensions tweaks
2009-11-25 Marco CostalbaSpeed up sorting of non-captures
2009-11-25 Marco CostalbaRewrite messy LSN-code take 2
2009-11-25 Joona KiiskiRewrite messy LSN-code
2009-11-25 Joona KiiskiRemove RootMoveList::scan_for_easy_move()
2009-11-25 Joona KiiskiRemove 2 FIXMEs from search.cpp
2009-11-23 Marco CostalbaDocument and cleanup new effective-single-reply code
2009-11-23 Joona KiiskiAlways extend full ply in PV
2009-11-23 Joona KiiskiAdd mild extension in low depths
2009-11-23 Joona KiiskiFix currentMove bug
2009-11-23 Joona KiiskiOnly move extension based on exclusion search
2009-11-23 Joona KiiskiBase work for exclusion search
2009-11-23 Marco CostalbaTone down a bit futility parameters
2009-11-23 Marco CostalbaRemove 4*IncrementalFutilityMargin from futilityValue
2009-11-23 Marco CostalbaLogaritmic futility margins
2009-11-23 Marco CostalbaExponential futility margins
2009-11-23 Marco CostalbaHistory pruning exponential limit
2009-11-23 Marco CostalbaIncremental Futility Margin
2009-11-22 Marco CostalbaIn razor qsearch use corrected beta
2009-11-22 Marco CostalbaCode style triviality
2009-11-15 Marco CostalbaMicro-optimize get_material_info()
2009-11-14 Marco CostalbaConvert pawns evaluation to Score
2009-11-14 Marco CostalbaMove game phase computation to MaterialInfo
2009-11-14 Marco CostalbaNull move dynamic reduction based on value
2009-11-13 Marco CostalbaUse a more standard perft UCI interface
2009-11-13 Marco CostalbaBetter document king safety evaluation
2009-11-13 Marco CostalbaRearrange table layout in evaluate.cpp
2009-11-13 Marco CostalbaRemove dcCandidates data member from SplitPoint
2009-11-11 Marco CostalbaRemove update_checkers()
2009-11-11 Marco CostalbaRetire evaluate_mobility()
2009-11-11 Marco CostalbaSmall sort_moves() deobfuscation
2009-11-11 Marco CostalbaDon't futility-prune ttMove
2009-11-10 Marco CostalbaPropagate "move is check" info to do_move()
2009-11-10 Marco CostalbaSmall update_checkers() cleanup
2009-11-10 Marco CostalbaSmall update to pop_1st_bit()
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaSmall CheckInfo fallout
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaFully convert move_is_check() internally
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaConvert move_is_check() to take a CheckInfo reference
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaUse CheckInfo to compute dcCandidates
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaIntroduce CheckInfo struct
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaFix operator/(Score s, int i)
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaDon't copy the key in do_move
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaDefine Score as an enum
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaChange Score definition to avoid the union
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaRevert "Do not extend at low depths if not in PV"
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaRevert "IID in pv also when TT move depth is too small"
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaLast conversions to Score in evaluate.cpp
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaConvert ThreatBonus to Score
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaConvert RookOn7thBonus and QueenOn7thBonus to be Score
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaConvert mobility bonus tables to Score
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaConvert apply_weight() to handle Score
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaConvert MaterialInfo and PawnInfo to use Score
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaIntroduce PieceSquareTable[16][64]
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaConvert Position to use Score struct
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaIntroduce Score struct
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaFix correct name of int64_t type
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaDo not extend at low depths if not in PV
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaIID in pv also when TT move depth is too small
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaBetter big-endian support wording in Makefile
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaEnable POPCNT only through Makefile
2009-11-06 Joona KiiskiAdd popcnt-support in Makefile
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaSmall code-style touches in movegen.cpp
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaFix a small warning under icc
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaBig-endian compatible pop_1st_bit()
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaFix a compile error in debug mode
2009-11-05 Marco CostalbaEnable PH_TT_MOVES during evasion generation
2009-11-05 Marco CostalbaExtend move_is_legal() to work also when in check
2009-11-05 Marco CostalbaMove locals definitions at the function start
2009-11-05 Marco CostalbaRetire MovePicker::discovered_check_candidates()