Add suppor for raw (non-Metacube) inputs over HTTP. Only really useful for TS.
[cubemap] / udpinput.h
2014-04-26 Steinar H. GundersonSupport joining multicast addresses (both ASM and SSM).
2013-08-18 Steinar H. GundersonRe-run include-what-you-use.
2013-08-15 Steinar H. GundersonAdd preliminary support for input stream statistics.
2013-04-21 Steinar H. GundersonSupport UDP packets larger than 4 kB.
2013-04-20 Steinar H. GundersonRefer to streams internally mostly by an index, not...
2013-04-18 Steinar H. GundersonFix an issue where new UDP streams would be without...
2013-04-17 Steinar H. GundersonDeduplicate inputs.
2013-04-13 Steinar H. GundersonRun include-what-you-use.
2013-04-11 Steinar H. GundersonSupport UDP input. Also fix some issues with socket...