Unbreak demo build (it was broken due to a typo).
[movit] / Makefile.in
2014-01-22 Steinar H. GundersonUnbreak demo build (it was broken due to a typo).
2014-01-22 Steinar H. GundersonSome tweaks to the libtool parts of the Makefile.
2014-01-22 Steinar H. GundersonUse the libtool autoconf macros.
2014-01-22 Steinar H. GundersonUse libtool for building libraries and binaries.
2014-01-19 Steinar H. GundersonAdd a new effect that can do FFT/IFFT.
2014-01-19 Steinar H. GundersonWe need to link the main library against pthreads now...
2014-01-17 Steinar H. GundersonAdd a shared ResourcePool to share resources between...
2013-12-24 Steinar H. GundersonInstall effect_util.h; it is useful for people implemen...
2013-12-14 Steinar H. GundersonProperly link in multiply_effect.
2013-02-06 Steinar H. GundersonMake building the demo app optional if SDL_image and...
2013-02-05 Steinar H. GundersonInstall defs.h on make install, since it is needed...
2013-02-03 Steinar H. GundersonIndentation fix in Makefile.in.
2013-02-03 Steinar H. GundersonUse autoconf defaults for CXX and CXXFLAGS.
2013-02-03 Steinar H. GundersonAdd a distclean target.
2013-02-03 Steinar H. GundersonFix cleaning of .dot and .frag files.
2013-02-03 Steinar H. GundersonAdd a pkg-config file.
2013-02-03 Steinar H. GundersonSwitch to autoconf to find libraries.