Add a new table "exif_info" which contains all the EXIF tags for all images.
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2007-03-26 Steinar H. GundersonAdd a new table "exif_info" which contains all the...
2007-01-22 Steinar H. GundersonEscape titles and dates on their way out of the HTML...
2007-01-11 Steinar H. GundersonBump version number.
2007-01-11 Steinar H. GundersonUse progressive JPEG for larger images -- not because...
2007-01-02 Steinar H. GundersonBump the version number, bump the copyright, and update...
2007-01-02 Steinar H. GundersonRefactor the charset guessing.
2007-01-02 Steinar H. GundersonRefactor event adding out into common code.
2007-01-02 Steinar H. GundersonAllow file uploads via POST (from Windows XP's file...
2006-12-25 Steinar H. GundersonBump version number again.
2006-12-25 Steinar H. GundersonUse semicolon instead of ampersand to separate arguments.
2006-12-25 Steinar H. GundersonMake errors return log a stack trace.
2006-12-25 Steinar H. GundersonBump the version number.
2006-12-25 Steinar H. GundersonImplement access keys.
2006-12-16 Steinar H. GundersonHandle time zone data in EXIF.
2006-08-07 Steinar H. GundersonFix a typo that would kill reconnection.
2006-07-31 Steinar H. GundersonBump version number to 2.10.
2006-07-31 Steinar H. GundersonFactor out the query string generation from link printing.
2006-07-31 Steinar H. GundersonStrip leading and trailing blanks from the model in...
2006-07-31 Steinar H. GundersonYet more flash tweaks.
2006-07-30 Steinar H. GundersonRemove some debugging code.
2006-07-30 Steinar H. GundersonFix an SQL syntax error.
2006-07-30 Steinar H. GundersonImprove flash/no flash detection.
2006-07-30 Steinar H. GundersonWhen inserting multiple images at the same time, we...
2006-07-30 Steinar H. GundersonAvoid a rescan of all images every time we upload somet...
2006-07-23 Steinar H. GundersonBump version number.
2006-07-23 Steinar H. GundersonSet the default to be infobox + reencoded; add an optio...
2006-07-23 Steinar H. GundersonMoved the password configuration out into its own file.
2006-07-23 Steinar H. GundersonInitial checkin.