2022-01-15 Steinar H.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' master
2022-01-13 Rui CoelhoUse complexity in search
2022-01-13 pschneider1968Fix Makefile for compilation with clang on Windows
2022-01-10 Michael ChalyAdjust pruning constants
2022-01-09 Joost VandeVondeleTune FRC trapped Bishop patch
2022-01-08 Joost VandeVondeleTune a few parameters related to evaluation
2022-01-08 Stéphane NicoletUpdate AUTHORS and CPU contributors files
2022-01-06 Brad KnoxUpdate copyright years
2022-01-02 lonfom169Simplify away rangeReduction
2021-12-31 lonfom169Smooth out doDeeperSearch
2021-12-30 Stéphane NicoletTweak optimism with complexity
2021-12-29 Steinar H.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2021-12-27 bmc4Don't direct prune a move if it's a retake
2021-12-22 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate default net to nn-ac07bd334b62.nnue
2021-12-22 Michael ChalyFall back to NNUE if classical evaluation is much lower...
2021-12-21 bmc4Update Elo estimates for terms in search
2021-12-21 bmc4Remove Capture history pruning
2021-12-21 bmc4Remove Capture Extension
2021-12-19 Stéphane NicoletSimplification in evaluate_nnue.cpp
2021-12-19 George SobalaFixes build failure on Apple M1 Silicon
2021-12-19 Michael ChalyReintroduce futility pruning for captures
2021-12-18 Michael ChalyAdjust reductions based on current node delta and root...
2021-12-17 George SobalaFix for profile-build failure using gcc on MacOS
2021-12-17 pb00067Remove lowPly history
2021-12-17 bmc4Simplify away singularQuietLMR
2021-12-17 farseerUpdate default net to nn-4401e826ebcc.nnue
2021-12-14 Joost VandeVondeleRemove NNUE scaling term
2021-12-13 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate default net to nn-d93927199b3d.nnue
2021-12-11 Stefan GeschwentnerSimplify falling eval time factor.
2021-12-11 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate Top CPU Contributors
2021-12-09 Michael ChalyAdjust singular extension depth restriction
2021-12-08 Stefan GeschwentnerImprove transposition table remplacement strategy
2021-12-07 Michael ChalyIntroduce post-lmr extensions
2021-12-07 Tomasz SobczykOptimize FT activation and affine transform for NEON.
2021-12-07 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate default net to nn-63376713ba63.nnue.
2021-12-06 Michael ChalyAssign extra bonus for previous move that caused a...
2021-12-05 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak history initialization
2021-12-05 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak time management
2021-12-05 bmc4Simplifies bestMoveChanges from LMR
2021-12-04 Steinar H.... Fix gRPC crashes.
2021-12-04 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate default net to nn-cdf1785602d6.nnue
2021-12-03 Michael ChalyDo more aggressive pruning for some node types
2021-12-03 Gian-Carlo... Add AVX-VNNI support for Alder Lake and later.
2021-12-02 Steinar H.... Fix whitespace issues.
2021-12-02 Steinar H.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2021-12-02 Steinar H.... Roll back unneeded tbprobe patches.
2021-12-01 bmc4Correctly reset bestMoveChanges
2021-12-01 bmc4Simplify reduction on rootNode when bestMoveChanges...
2021-12-01 Michael OrtmannFix typos in comments, adjust readme
2021-12-01 hengyuSmall clean-up
2021-12-01 pb00067Remove depth dependence and use same limit (2000) as...
2021-11-30 noobpwnftwEnable compilation on older Windows systems
2021-11-29 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate default net to nn-4f56ecfca5b7.nnue
2021-11-28 Michael ChalyRefine futility pruning for parent nodes
2021-11-27 Michael ChalyAdjust usage of history in futility pruning
2021-11-27 Joost VandeVondeleTune NNUE scaling params
2021-11-26 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate default net to nn-3678835b1d3d.nnue
2021-11-25 Michael ChalyUse fraction of history heuristics in futility pruning
2021-11-23 Stefan GeschwentnerLess futility pruning.
2021-11-22 noobpwnftwRevert and fix earlier windows NUMA patch
2021-11-21 Joost VandeVondeleRemove appveyor CI
2021-11-21 Stéphane NicoletIntroduce Optimism
2021-11-15 Michael ChalySimplify Pv nodes related logic in LMR
2021-11-15 noobpwnftwFix processor group binding under Windows.
2021-11-10 Joost VandeVondeleTune a few NNUE related scaling parameters
2021-11-08 bmc4Simplify away the Reverse Move penalty
2021-11-08 Joost VandeVondeleReduce use of lazyEval
2021-11-05 Stefan GeschwentnerTweak initial aspiration window.
2021-11-05 Joost VandeVondeledo not store qsearch positions in TT as exact.
2021-11-05 Michael ChalyDo more reductions at Pv nodes with low delta
2021-11-05 lonfom169More futility pruning
2021-11-01 Joost VandeVondeleRestore development version
2021-10-31 xefoci7612Simplify Skill implementation
2021-10-31 Michel Van... Do not output to stderr during the build.
2021-10-31 Stefan GeschwentnerDo more deeper LMR searches.
2021-10-31 Joost VandeVondeleWiden the aspiration window for larger evals
2021-10-28 Joost VandeVondeleStockfish 14.1
2021-10-25 mstemberaFix sometimes incorrect key for prefetches
2021-10-24 Joost VandeVondeleAdjust ButterflyHistory decay parameter
2021-10-24 Stefan GeschwentnerDouble extend search even more via LMR
2021-10-24 bmc4Simplify LMR multiThread condition
2021-10-23 FauziAkramTuning of a Null Move Parameter
2021-10-23 bmc4Increase TTdepth acceptance some Threads
2021-10-23 Stefano CardanobileRewrite NNUE evaluation adjustments
2021-10-23 mstemberaSimplify away ValueListInserter
2021-10-21 Stefan GeschwentnerDouble extend more often via LMR
2021-10-21 bmc4Simplify null move search condition
2021-10-19 bmc4Adjust TTdepth acceptance on early cutoff
2021-10-19 bmc4Simplify evaluate condition on search
2021-10-18 bmc4Simplify probCutCount away
2021-10-18 Stefano CardanobileReformat Eval::evaluate()
2021-10-17 Stéphane NicoletRemove noLMRExtension flag
2021-10-17 Stéphane NicoletAllow some LMR double extensions
2021-10-15 Stefano CardanobileSmooth improving
2021-10-14 Joost VandeVondeleCompute ttCapture earlier
2021-10-14 bmc4Simplify ttHitAverage away
2021-10-13 Joseph EllisSimplify multi-cut condition
2021-10-09 Michael ChalyReduce more if multiple moves exceed alpha
2021-10-07 xoto10Small clean-up, Sept 2021
2021-10-06 Stéphane NicoletCapping stat bonus at 2000