2021-09-12 Steinar H.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into... master
2021-09-12 xoto10Update 2 search parameters after tune.
2021-09-10 Michael ChalyDecrease depth for cutnodes with no tt move
2021-09-09 Steinar H.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2021-09-07 Stefan GeschwentnerFurther improve history updates
2021-09-06 Stefan GeschwentnerImprove history updates
2021-09-06 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-6762d36ad265.nnue
2021-09-06 Michael ChalyExtend captures and promotions
2021-08-31 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-735bba95dec0.nnue
2021-08-27 VoyagerOneCMH Pruning Tweak
2021-08-27 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-33495fe25081.nnue
2021-08-27 ppigazziniUse "pedantic" flag also for mingw
2021-08-27 Joost VandeVondeleFix empty EvalFile option
2021-08-22 bmc4Simplify Declaration on Pawn Move Generation
2021-08-22 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-517c4f68b5df.nnue
2021-08-22 candirufishdo more LMR extensions for PV nodes
2021-08-22 bmc4Simplify Null Move Search Reduction
2021-08-20 Tomasz SobczykOptimize and tidy up affine transform code.
2021-08-20 Tomasz SobczykImprove handling of the debug log file.
2021-08-18 Torsten HellwigUpdate default net to nn-ac5605a608d6.nnue
2021-08-17 Joost VandeVondeleRegenerate dependencies on code change
2021-08-15 Tomasz SobczykNew NNUE architecture and net
2021-08-05 Joost VandeVondeleRevert futility pruning patches
2021-08-05 VoyagerOneSEE simplification
2021-08-05 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-46832cfbead3.nnue
2021-08-05 Stefan GeschwentnerSimplify new cmh pruning thresholds by using directly...
2021-08-05 VoyagerOneFutile pruning simplification
2021-07-31 VoyagerOneCMH Pruning Tweak
2021-07-30 Tomasz SobczykAvoid unnecessary stores in the affine transform
2021-07-29 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-56a5f1c4173a.nnue
2021-07-26 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-26abeed38351.nnue
2021-07-26 Giacomo LorenzettiSimplification in LMR
2021-07-24 MichaelB7Update the default net to nn-76a8a7ffb820.nnue.
2021-07-23 Giacomo LorenzettiApply good/bad history reduction also when inCheck
2021-07-23 pb00067Simplify lowply-history scoring logic
2021-07-23 VizvezdenecPrune illegal moves in qsearch earlier
2021-07-23 Liam KeeganAdd macOS and windows to CI
2021-07-16 Steinar H.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2021-07-13 VoyagerOneDon't save excluded move eval in TT
2021-07-13 VizvezdenecRemove second futility pruning depth limit
2021-07-13 pb00067SEE: simplify stm variable initialization
2021-07-13 VizvezdenecRemove futility pruning depth limit
2021-07-03 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-9e3c6298299a.nnue
2021-07-03 Paul MuldersAllow passing RTLIB=compiler-rt to make
2021-07-03 candirufishno cut node reduction for killer moves.
2021-07-03 xoto10Simplify lazy_skip.
2021-07-03 Stéphane NicoletSimplify format_cp_aligned_dot()
2021-07-03 Joost VandeVondeleRestore development version
2021-07-02 Joost VandeVondeleStockfish 14
2021-06-29 Brad KnoxUpdate Top CPU Contributors
2021-06-28 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-3475407dc199.nnue
2021-06-28 MichaelB7Make net nn-956480d8378f.nnue the default
2021-06-28 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate WDL model for NNUE
2021-06-28 bmc4Simplify Reductions Initialization
2021-06-22 Stéphane NicoletDetect fortresses a little bit quicker
2021-06-21 MichaelB7Make net nn-190f102a22c3.nnue the default net.
2021-06-21 Joost VandeVondeleFix build error on OSX
2021-06-21 Stéphane NicoletRemove the Contempt UCI option
2021-06-20 Stéphane NicoletKeep more pawns and pieces when attacking
2021-06-19 MichaelB7Make net nn-75980ca503c6.nnue the default.
2021-06-19 Tomasz SobczykChange trace with NNUE eval support
2021-06-19 proukornewFix for Cygwin's environment build-profile (fixed)
2021-06-18 Joost VandeVondeleMake net nn-50144f835024.nnue the default
2021-06-18 Tomasz SobczykAdd basic github workflow
2021-06-18 SFisGODUpdate default net to nn-aa9d7eeb397e.nnue
2021-06-18 apNew default net nn-3b20abec10c1.nnue
2021-06-17 Stéphane NicoletRevert "Fix for Cygwin's environment build-profile"
2021-06-17 bmc4Simplify reduction when best move doesn't change freque...
2021-06-16 proukornewFix for Cygwin's environment build-profile
2021-06-15 Joost VandeVondeleNew default net nn-33c9d39e5eb6.nnue
2021-06-14 J. OsterFix a rare case of wrong TB ranking
2021-06-14 Tomasz SobczykReduce the number of accumulator states
2021-06-14 JWmerUpdate default net to nn-8e47cf062333.nnue
2021-06-13 Tomasz SobczykRegister count for feature transformer
2021-06-13 VizvezdenecDo less LMR extensions
2021-06-13 Stéphane NicoletClarify use of UCI options
2021-06-13 Tomasz SobczykRead NNUE net faster
2021-06-11 Joost VandeVondeleLimit double extensions
2021-06-08 bmc4Simplify promotion move generator
2021-06-06 bmc4Reduce in LMR reduction on PvNode
2021-06-05 Guy VreulsMakefile: Extend sanitize support
2021-06-05 Joost VandeVondeleEnhance CI to error on leaks
2021-06-05 Guy VreulsRevert "Simplify En Passant"
2021-06-04 Stéphane NicoletClean SIMD code a bit
2021-06-03 Stéphane NicoletMakefile: better "make clean" for Windows
2021-06-03 bmc4Introducing NodeType Root
2021-06-03 xoto10Make extra time for bestMoveInstability dependent on...
2021-06-03 Joost VandeVondeleUpdate default net to nn-7e66505906a6.nnue
2021-06-02 Stéphane NicoletTypography change for bench
2021-06-01 Stefan GeschwentnerRemove formerPV variable.
2021-06-01 J. OsterPre-initialize ss->ply
2021-05-31 candirufishCheck Extension with Static Evaluation
2021-05-30 Tomasz SobczykFix export of the feature transformer.
2021-05-30 Joost VandeVondeleSimplify NNUE / classical evaluation selection
2021-05-28 VoyagerOneRemove Stat Reset at beta cutoff
2021-05-26 Stéphane NicoletDo not use lazy evaluation inside NNUE
2021-05-26 Stefan GeschwentnerLess reduction for capture/promotions.
2021-05-26 IIvecSimplify the thread term for reduction formula
2021-05-25 Tomasz SobczykExpose the lazy threshold for the feature transformer...
2021-05-24 bmc4Increased reduction for captures in LMR