Use simple macro to enable operators
[stockfish] / src / value.h
2011-01-03 Joona KiiskiUse simple macro to enable operators
2010-08-26 Marco CostalbaChange evaluate() signature
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaMove piece values in piece.h / piece.cpp
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaRetire is_upper_bound() and friend
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaRetire useless piece_value_midgame() overloads
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaIntroduce and use SCORE_ZERO
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaDisable templetized operators by default
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaIntroduce enum VALUE_ZERO instead of Value(0)
2010-08-19 Marco CostalbaUse Use templetized operations for Score and Value
2010-07-15 Marco CostalbaRetire apply_scale_factor() and scale.h
2010-07-15 Marco CostalbaRetire value.cpp
2010-05-22 Joona KiiskiAlways save static value and kingDanger to TT
2010-04-17 Marco CostalbaRevert saving of null search value in TT
2010-04-11 Marco CostalbaFix some warnings under +w1 HP-UX compile
2010-04-10 Marco CostalbaUse a flag in TT to track null search values
2010-03-20 Marco CostalbaUpdated copyright year to 2010
2010-01-19 Marco CostalbaFix enum Value issue with gcc 4.4
2009-12-30 Marco CostalbaBetter fix for gcc optimization issue
2009-12-27 Marco CostalbaScore enum should be at least 32 bits
2009-12-26 Marco CostalbaFix description of Score enum
2009-12-21 Marco CostalbaScore definition gives a compile error under gcc
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaFix operator/(Score s, int i)
2009-11-09 Marco CostalbaDefine Score as an enum
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaChange Score definition to avoid the union
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaLast conversions to Score in evaluate.cpp
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaIntroduce PieceSquareTable[16][64]
2009-11-07 Marco CostalbaIntroduce Score struct
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaSave static evaluation also for failed low nodes
2009-08-20 Marco CostalbaFix some asserts raised by is_ok()
2009-07-09 Marco CostalbaRevert last tweaks
2009-07-09 Marco CostalbaJoona tweaks of tempos and misc parameters
2009-07-02 Marco CostalbaJoona tweaks of piece values
2009-06-05 Marco CostalbaGive credit to Joona for optimized parameters
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright year
2009-03-24 Marco CostalbaCache evaluation score in qsearch
2009-03-14 Marco CostalbaMerge Joona Kiiski evaluation tweaks
2009-01-07 Marco CostalbaBig trailing whitespace cleanup part 2
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright info
2008-10-19 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright info
2008-09-01 Marco CostalbaInitial import of Glaurung 2.1