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Prefer int to uint8_t when possible
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2010-11-01 Marco CostalbaPrefer int to uint8_t when possible
2010-11-01 Marco CostalbaAdd "mingw" compiler to Makefile
2010-10-16 Marco CostalbaFixed some warnings when using -Weffc++ gcc option
2010-10-04 Marco CostalbaRewrite bit counting functions
2010-10-03 Marco CostalbaRemove -pedantic option
2010-10-02 Marco CostalbaIncrease warning level
2010-08-02 Joona KiiskiNew Time management system
2010-07-16 Joona KiiskiUpdate Makefile
2010-07-10 Marco CostalbaRevert previous patch
2010-07-10 Marco CostalbaMakefile: default on gcc 32 bits when type 'make'
2010-07-06 Joona KiiskiTweak Makefile a bit
2010-07-03 Joona KiiskiFix Makefile for HPUX
2010-05-21 Joona KiiskiCorrect 'prefetch' handling for Makefile
2010-05-20 Marco CostalbaLet prefetch to be enabled by default on Windows
2010-05-20 Joona KiiskiSmall tweaks to install gcc-profile-clean targets
2010-05-20 Joona KiiskiModify source to follow new Makefile
2010-05-20 Joona KiiskiRewrite Makefile
2010-05-15 Marco CostalbaAdd support for gcc-profile
2010-04-06 Tord RomstadFix PowerPC and ARM compatibility.
2010-04-05 Tord RomstadAdd -mdynamic-no-pic to CFLAGS when compiling with...
2010-02-21 Marco CostalbaSupress make warning on missing .depend file
2010-02-12 Marco CostalbaAllow build on HP-UX 11.X
2010-01-31 Marco CostalbaAdd hardware POPCNT support for gcc
2010-01-30 Marco CostalbaRevert "Remove pointless gcc flag when generating depen...
2010-01-27 Marco CostalbaIntegrate gains table in History
2010-01-27 Joona KiiskiImplement MaxGain table
2010-01-27 Joona KiiskiRemove pointless gcc flag when generating dependencies
2009-12-30 Marco CostalbaBetter fix for gcc optimization issue
2009-12-26 Marco CostalbaWorkaround optimization bug in gcc
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaBetter big-endian support wording in Makefile
2009-11-06 Joona KiiskiAdd popcnt-support in Makefile
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaBig-endian compatible pop_1st_bit()
2009-08-23 Marco CostalbaMerge branch 'master' of git-Stockfish@free2.projectloc...
2009-08-21 Tord RomstadAdded a few new targets to the Makefile for OS X with...
2009-08-14 Marco CostalbaFinally fix prefetch on Linux
2009-08-08 Marco CostalbaMakefile: added 'make strip' target
2009-08-08 Marco CostalbaCompile without DEBUG flag by default
2009-08-08 Marco CostalbaPolished Makefile for *nix
2009-07-24 Marco CostalbaRevert Makefile changes
2009-07-17 Tord RomstadIntroduced the UCI_AnalyseMode option, and made the...
2009-07-04 Marco CostalbaSmall Makefile tweaks
2009-05-09 Marco CostalbaFix some Intel compilers warnings
2009-05-04 Marco CostalbaUpdate makefile to use PGO with Intel C++ v11.0
2009-04-19 Joona KiiskiAdd missing header file to make stockfish compile with...
2009-02-07 Marco CostalbaFix Makefile
2008-11-02 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.0
2008-10-12 Marco CostalbaYet another pop_1st_bit() optimization
2008-09-23 Marco CostalbaWarnings termination fest
2008-09-01 Marco CostalbaInitial import of Glaurung 2.1