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2009-10-09 Marco CostalbaRestore pliesFromNull counter
2009-10-09 Marco CostalbaFix an off-by-one bug in extract_pv()
2009-10-09 Marco CostalbaRewrite previous patch using only one counter
2009-10-09 Marco CostalbaDo not claim repetition after null move
2009-10-08 Marco CostalbaRestore development version
2009-10-08 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.5.1
2009-10-08 Marco CostalbaFix the polling frequency when pondering
2009-10-08 Tord RomstadUse slightly lower polling frequency in the last few...
2009-10-07 Tord RomstadMinor change to time management code, to make sure...
2009-10-06 Tord RomstadDisplay fail high/fail low in search log file.
2009-10-06 Marco CostalbaFix bogus comment in extract_pv()
2009-10-06 Marco CostalbaFix use of an initialized SearchStack
2009-10-06 Marco CostalbaRemove a redundant assignment in PawnInfo c'tor
2009-10-06 Marco CostalbaSmall code reformat in TranspositionTable::extract_pv()
2009-10-05 Tord RomstadFixed an embarassing Chess960 bug found by Alexander...
2009-10-05 Marco CostalbaRestore development version
2009-10-04 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.5
2009-10-04 Marco CostalbaSmall touches to increased mobility patch
2009-10-03 Marco CostalbaMove a comment where it belongs in SEE
2009-10-03 Marco CostalbaDon't increase mobility if attacked piece is defended...
2009-09-30 Marco CostalbaCount two times number of attacked pieces in mobility
2009-09-30 Marco CostalbaOptimize futilityValue calculation
2009-09-30 Marco CostalbaStore pawn attacks in PawnInfo
2009-09-30 Tord RomstadFixed a couple of typos in a comment.
2009-09-29 Marco CostalbaFix a MSVC warning in search.cpp
2009-09-29 Tord RomstadTemporarily removed the unfinished UCI_Elo code in...
2009-09-29 Marco CostalbaPrint RootMoveList startup scoring
2009-09-28 Marco CostalbaRetire compute_weight() in evaluation.cpp
2009-09-28 Marco CostalbaUnroll color loops in evaluate
2009-09-27 Marco CostalbaChange back file mode of misc.cpp
2009-09-26 Marco CostalbaUpdate piece list iteration also in evaluate_pieces()
2009-09-26 Marco CostalbaRetire faked Windows version of gettimeofday()
2009-09-24 Marco CostalbaMicro optimization of generate_piece_moves()
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaRetire kingSquare[] array
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaReorder data layout and optimize access patern
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaFix a couple of Intel compiler warnings
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaFix a piece_of_color_and_type() / pieceS_of_color_and_t...
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaRename generate_piece_moves() in generate_piece_evasions()
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaRetire generate_pawn_captures()
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaRetire generate_pawn_blocking_evasions()
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaStandardize generate_pawn_blocking_evasions()
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaCode style and subtle fix in move_is_legal()
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaSimplify move legality check for uncommon cases
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaEnable functionality of previous patch
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaWhen generating checks add possibly under-promotions
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaFix a bug in generate_piece_checks()
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaSmall micro optimization in generate_evasions()
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaChange evaluation GrainSize from 4 to 8
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaSave static evaluation also for failed low nodes
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRevert evaluation drift
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaEvaluation drift: add always 7 instead of ply
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRename piece_attacks_from() in attacks_from()
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRemove undefined pinned_pieces(Color c, Bitboard& p)
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRetire attackers_to(Square s, Color c)
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRename piece_attacks() in piece_attacks_from()
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaCleanup piece_attacks_square() functions
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRename attacks_to() in attackers_to()
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaChange pawn_attacks() API
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaClean up API for attack information
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaMove kingSquare[] array to StateInfo
2009-09-19 Marco CostalbaDon't compensate TT for evaluation drift
2009-09-17 Marco CostalbaUse WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN in lock.h
2009-09-17 Joona KiiskiMake static value saved in TT independent from ply
2009-09-15 Marco CostalbaEvaluation drift
2009-09-13 Marco CostalbaFix semantic of piece_attacks<PAWN>
2009-09-13 Marco CostalbaIndirectly prefetch board[from]
2009-09-04 Marco CostalbaRetire piece_is_slider(PieceType pt)
2009-09-04 Marco CostalbaSecond take at unifying bitboard representation access
2009-09-04 Marco CostalbaTempletize functions to get pieces by type
2009-09-04 Marco CostalbaSet LMRPVMoves to 10 instead of 14
2009-09-04 Marco CostalbaFix poly values mismerge
2009-09-02 Tord RomstadBug fix for discovered checks in connected_moves().
2009-08-31 Marco CostalbaRetire pieces_of_color_and_type()
2009-08-31 Marco CostalbaMovePicker: rename number_of_moves() in number_of_evasi...
2009-08-31 Marco CostalbaUse pointers instead of array indices also for badCaptures
2009-08-31 Marco CostalbaDocument index[] and pieceList[] are not invariants
2009-08-30 Marco CostalbaWorkaround a bug in Position::has_mate_threat()
2009-08-30 Marco CostalbaSkip TT_MOVES phase when possible
2009-08-30 Marco CostalbaMovepicker: take move's loop out of switch statement
2009-08-30 Marco CostalbaRevert "null move reorder" series
2009-08-29 Marco CostalbaConvert handling of tt moves and killers to standard...
2009-08-29 Marco CostalbaTry null move before captures
2009-08-29 Marco CostalbaUse pointers instead of array indices in MovePicker
2009-08-27 Marco CostalbaChange the flow in wich moves are generated and picked
2009-08-26 Marco CostalbaDisable again null move at depth == OnePly
2009-08-26 Joona KiiskiUse special null move technique in low depth.
2009-08-26 Joona KiiskiUse nullMove only through MovePicker.
2009-08-26 Joona KiiskiAdd Null move support to MovePicker.
2009-08-26 Joona KiiskiCreate useNullMove local variable
2009-08-26 Marco CostalbaClean killers handling in movepicker
2009-08-25 Marco CostalbaMicro-optimze extension()
2009-08-23 Marco CostalbaMerge branch 'master' of git-Stockfish@free2.projectloc...
2009-08-23 Marco CostalbaRemove a local variable from pop_1st_bit()
2009-08-23 Marco CostalbaPoly ampli+bias values after 73831 games
2009-08-21 Tord RomstadAdded a few new targets to the Makefile for OS X with...
2009-08-20 Marco CostalbaFix some asserts raised by is_ok()
2009-08-20 Tord RomstadFixed incorrect material key update when making promoti...
2009-08-18 Marco CostalbaMore use of memset() in Position::clear()
2009-08-18 Marco CostalbaLittle do_move() micro optimizations
2009-08-17 Marco CostalbaBetter clarify how pieceList[] and index[] work