Small code-style touches in movegen.cpp
[stockfish] / src / movegen.cpp
2009-11-06 Marco CostalbaSmall code-style touches in movegen.cpp
2009-11-05 Marco CostalbaExtend move_is_legal() to work also when in check
2009-11-05 Marco CostalbaRetire MovePicker::discovered_check_candidates()
2009-11-05 Marco CostalbaRewrite generate_pawn_moves() and simplify evasions
2009-11-05 Marco CostalbaGenerate pseudo-legal moves in generate_evasions()
2009-11-04 Marco CostalbaOptimize generate_evasions()
2009-11-01 Marco CostalbaRemove castling moves in check generation
2009-11-01 Marco CostalbaOptimize check generation
2009-09-24 Marco CostalbaMicro optimization of generate_piece_moves()
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaFix a couple of Intel compiler warnings
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaRename generate_piece_moves() in generate_piece_evasions()
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaRetire generate_pawn_captures()
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaRetire generate_pawn_blocking_evasions()
2009-09-23 Marco CostalbaStandardize generate_pawn_blocking_evasions()
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaCode style and subtle fix in move_is_legal()
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaSimplify move legality check for uncommon cases
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaEnable functionality of previous patch
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaWhen generating checks add possibly under-promotions
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaFix a bug in generate_piece_checks()
2009-09-22 Marco CostalbaSmall micro optimization in generate_evasions()
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRename piece_attacks_from() in attacks_from()
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRetire attackers_to(Square s, Color c)
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRename piece_attacks() in piece_attacks_from()
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaCleanup piece_attacks_square() functions
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaRename attacks_to() in attackers_to()
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaChange pawn_attacks() API
2009-09-20 Marco CostalbaClean up API for attack information
2009-09-04 Marco CostalbaSecond take at unifying bitboard representation access
2009-09-04 Marco CostalbaTempletize functions to get pieces by type
2009-08-31 Marco CostalbaRetire pieces_of_color_and_type()
2009-08-29 Marco CostalbaUse pointers instead of array indices in MovePicker
2009-08-06 Tord RomstadFixed a bug in PV extraction from the transposition...
2009-07-14 Marco CostalbaIntroduce SERIALIZE_MOVES_D() macro and use it for...
2009-07-14 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize pawn moves generation
2009-07-06 Marco CostalbaFix generation of check blocking promotion
2009-06-20 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize and rename move_promotion()
2009-06-12 Marco CostalbaBetter clarify why recent generate_pawn_checks() works
2009-05-25 Marco CostalbaMerge hardware POPCNT detection and use
2009-05-25 Marco CostalbaSplit killer moves from non-captures
2009-05-25 Marco CostalbaRevert _BitScanForward64 support
2009-05-24 Marco CostalbaAdd a bit more pop_1st_bit<HasBSF> conversions
2009-05-24 Marco CostalbaUse compiler name lookup to simplify code
2009-05-24 Marco CostalbaEnable _BitScanForward64 in move generation
2009-05-24 Marco CostalbaEnable _BitScanForward64 at runtime
2009-05-21 Marco CostalbaFix compile errors under MSVC
2009-05-09 Marco CostalbaFix some Intel compilers warnings
2009-05-08 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize generate_pawn_checks()
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaConvert also generate_pawn_blocking_evasions() to new API
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaBetter dscovery check condition in generate_pawn_checks()
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaFurther parametrize generate_pawn_captures
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright year
2009-05-05 Marco CostalbaFix missing pawn color check in move_is_legal()
2009-04-26 Marco CostalbaGreatly speedup has_mate_threat()
2009-04-19 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize generate_piece_checks() take 2
2009-04-18 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize generate_piece_checks()
2009-04-18 Marco CostalbaMerge Joona's new aspiration window search
2009-04-18 Marco CostalbaIntroduce move_pawns() helper in movegen.cpp
2009-03-02 Marco CostalbaRevert hidden checkers rework
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaRemove two useless calls to pinned_pieces()
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaDo not pass pinned argument in Position::pl_move_is_legal()
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaCleanup pinned and friends in movegen.cpp
2009-02-17 Marco CostalbaRemove xxx_of_color() for real
2009-02-17 Marco CostalbaChange piece_attacks_square() API
2009-02-17 Marco CostalbaRemove xxx_of_color() helpers
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaRemove square_is_attacked()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaRename generate_piece_blocking_evasions()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaFinal touches to generate_evasions()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaSimplify legality check in generate_evasions()
2009-02-11 Marco Costalbagenerate_evasions() avoid an usless check for enpassant...
2009-02-11 Marco CostalbaOptimize generate_piece_blocking_evasions()
2009-02-11 Marco Costalbagenerate_evasions() avoid to calculate pinned pieces
2009-02-11 Marco CostalbaDrop a double semicolon
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaLast touches to movegen.cpp
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaRemove special case of pawn checks generation
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaRemove special case of pawn move generatation
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaSimplify generate_evasions()
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaSimplify generate_checks()
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaMicro-optimize do_generate_pawn_checks()
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaTempletize generate_piece_checks_king()
2009-02-07 Marco CostalbaSmall optimization in generate_evasions()
2009-02-07 Marco CostalbaSimplify newly introduced castling_is_check()
2009-02-07 Marco CostalbaSmall code style tidy up
2009-02-06 Marco CostalbaTempletize generate_castle_moves()
2009-02-06 Marco CostalbaAdd generation of castling checks
2008-11-24 Marco CostalbaGenerate moves for powerful pieces first
2008-11-01 Marco CostalbaFix a bug in generate_evasions()
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaManual merge
2008-10-26 Marco CostalbaBetter naming of pseudo-legality and legality testing
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate position until do_promotion_move()
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaStart to space inflate position.cpp
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaFix a performance bug in generate_move_if_legal
2008-10-24 Marco Costalbamovegen: add SERIALIZE_MOVES and hides a bunch of loops
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaAnother generate_piece_moves() micro optimization
2008-10-24 Marco CostalbaFix another template conversion bug in movegen
2008-10-23 Marco Costalbamovegen: prefer (*mlist++) to mlist[n++]
2008-10-23 Marco CostalbaFix a bug in generate_pawn_captures()
2008-10-23 Marco CostalbaFully templetize pawn move generators
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize generate_piece_moves()
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaAnother Intel warning sqeezed
2008-10-20 Marco CostalbaShrink arguments in move generation functions