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Disable use of aspiration window in known win positions
[stockfish] / src / search.cpp
2009-06-18 Joona KiiskiDisable use of aspiration window in known win positions
2009-06-13 Marco CostalbaReduce SMP contention on TT
2009-06-12 Marco CostalbaCode style triviality in search.cpp
2009-06-12 Marco CostalbaRemove global variables from search.h
2009-06-12 Marco CostalbaMovePicker doesn't need to know if called from a pv...
2009-06-03 Marco CostalbaDocument variables with heavy SMP read access
2009-06-03 Marco CostalbaRetire UseQSearchFutilityPruning and UseFutilityPruning
2009-06-03 Marco CostalbaUse one History table per thread
2009-06-02 Marco CostalbaConvert History table H in a local variable
2009-06-02 Marco CostalbaAvoid using EmptySearchStack global
2009-05-16 Marco CostalbaMove beta counter variables to the per-thread data
2009-05-16 Marco CostalbaBetter document how history works
2009-05-15 Marco CostalbaFix broken multi-pv with aspiration window search
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaUpdate copyright year
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaRewrite the way application exits
2009-05-07 Marco CostalbaBe sure book file is closed before we leave
2009-05-03 Marco CostalbaChange TT interface to ask directly for a position key
2009-04-30 Marco CostalbaDo not razor after a null move
2009-04-29 Marco CostalbaFix assignment of pv[0] when creating root move list
2009-04-28 Marco CostalbaMerge Joona's razoring tweaks
2009-04-28 Marco CostalbaHardcode depth limit for selective search
2009-04-27 Marco CostalbaCode style cleanup in transposition table code
2009-04-27 Marco CostalbaRemove an useless comparison in futility pruning
2009-04-26 Marco CostalbaSmall code tidy up and test results
2009-04-26 Joona KiiskiRazor again at depth one
2009-04-26 Joona KiiskiMake futility and razor margins more tunable
2009-04-26 Marco CostalbaDo not hardcode default values of UCI variables
2009-04-19 Joona KiiskiAdd missing header file to make stockfish compile with...
2009-04-18 Marco CostalbaIn qsearch store the cut move in TT
2009-04-18 Marco CostalbaMerge Joona's new aspiration window search
2009-04-18 Marco CostalbaRemove failHigh/Low bits from IterationInfoType
2009-04-18 Joona KiiskiRestore calling insert_pv after search is aborted ...
2009-04-18 Marco CostalbaLittle code style tweaks
2009-04-18 Marco CostalbaRevert previous patch as per Joona request
2009-04-18 Joona KiiskiImprove handling of fail-highs in assumed PV
2009-04-18 Joona KiiskiRevert "Implement a fallback system when aspiration...
2009-04-18 Joona KiiskiImplement a fallback system when aspiration search...
2009-04-18 Joona KiiskiRevert "Implement bestValue in root_search."
2009-04-18 Joona KiiskiImplement bestValue in root_search.
2009-04-18 Joona KiiskiDynamic aspiration search without research.
2009-04-11 Marco CostalbaRemove unused currentMoveCaptureValue from search stack
2009-04-11 Marco CostalbaLess aggressive null move dynamic reduction
2009-04-03 Marco CostalbaRevert dynamic LMR
2009-03-31 Marco CostalbaSilence a bunch of warnings under MSVC /W4
2009-03-31 Marco CostalbaRevert setting a flag when TT value equals static evalu...
2009-03-30 Marco CostalbaRemember when TT value equals static evaluation value
2009-03-27 Marco CostalbaRevert storing of TT when returning from "stand pat"
2009-03-24 Marco CostalbaCache evaluation score in qsearch
2009-03-24 Marco CostalbaLet to toggle dynamic LMR
2009-03-24 Marco CostalbaIn qsearch update TT only if returning from stand pat
2009-03-24 Marco CostalbaWait at least until iteration 3 before to stop the...
2009-03-23 Marco CostalbaRevert odd depths razoring
2009-03-23 Marco CostalbaMore aggressive dynamic LMR
2009-03-22 Marco CostalbaLMR dynamic reduction
2009-03-22 Marco CostalbaAlways print a best move when requested
2009-03-21 Marco CostalbaFix: In qsearch do not use TT value when in a PV node
2009-03-15 Marco CostalbaSilence a good bunch of Intel warnings
2009-03-15 Marco CostalbaRevert NULL move beta corrections
2009-03-15 Marco CostalbaRetire Null Driven IID
2009-03-14 Marco CostalbaMerge Joona Kiiski NULL search beta correction
2009-03-03 Marco CostalbaCleanup SearchStack initialization
2009-03-02 Marco CostalbaRevert hidden checkers rework
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaIntroduce StateInfo instead of UndoInfo
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaConvert also undo_null_move() to avoid passing UndoInfo...
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaPassing UndoInfo is not needed anymore when undoing...
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaFinally remove any occurence of dcCandidates from searc...
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaDo not pass discovery check candidates in Position...
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaDo not pass pinned argument in Position::move_is_check()
2009-02-17 Marco CostalbaChange piece_attacks_square() API
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaAvoid a call to move_is_capture() in extension()
2009-01-05 Marco CostalbaTake in account odd depths in razoring formula
2008-12-29 Marco CostalbaStockfish 1.2 optimistic
2008-12-29 Marco CostalbaMicro optimization in extension()
2008-12-29 Marco CostalbaRemove a gcc warning on an unused variable
2008-12-28 Marco CostalbaProperly handle odd depths in razor formula
2008-12-28 Marco CostalbaSafer razoring formula
2008-12-25 Marco CostalbaTweak again futility margings
2008-12-25 Marco CostalbaExpose new futility margin interface to UCI
2008-12-25 Marco CostalbaTweak futility margins
2008-12-24 Marco CostalbaTry razoring only for depth > OnePly
2008-12-24 Marco CostalbaFutility pruning till ply 6 included
2008-12-23 Marco CostalbaFix a comment
2008-12-23 Marco CostalbaMerge futility pruning from Glaurung 2.2
2008-12-22 Marco CostalbaSet the 'Problem' variable only at ply == 1
2008-12-21 Marco CostalbaRetire EvaluatePawnStorms and UseEasyMove constants
2008-12-21 Marco CostalbaSEE: add support for enpassant moves
2008-12-21 Marco CostalbaCall poll() before to check for stopped search
2008-12-21 Marco CostalbaLess aggressive razoring
2008-12-18 Marco CostalbaRevert: "Do not razor when in check"
2008-12-17 Marco CostalbaTrigger of PawnEndgameExtension if capture is not a...
2008-12-16 Marco Costalbasearch_pv: an enpassant move is a capture
2008-12-16 Marco Costalbaqsearch: take in account enpassant in futility formula
2008-12-16 Marco Costalbaqsearch: do not call evaluate when in check
2008-12-15 Marco CostalbaDo not razor while in check or value is mate
2008-12-15 Marco CostalbaDo not null search when beta is a mate value
2008-12-15 Marco CostalbaBetter document null move dynamic reduction
2008-12-15 Marco CostalbaIntroduce beta counters to order moves at ply one
2008-12-14 Marco CostalbaDebugging: move debug function definitions in misc.cpp
2008-12-12 Marco CostalbaFix two bugs in ok_to_prune() (2)
2008-12-11 Marco CostalbaDisable "Null driven IID" by default