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Fix a comment in evaluate.cpp
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2010-04-02 Marco CostalbaFix a comment in evaluate.cpp
2010-03-31 Marco CostalbaChange poll() signature
2010-03-30 Tord RomstadRemove several unnecessary UCI options: All king safety...
2010-03-28 Marco CostalbaRevert LMR reduction based on thinking time
2010-03-28 Marco CostalbaSmall comments tweaks in search.cpp
2010-03-28 Marco CostalbaSync static null conditions with real one
2010-03-23 Marco CostalbaSilence a couple of warnings
2010-03-23 Joona KiiskiVary reduction aggressiveness as a function of thinking...
2010-03-23 Joona KiiskiBase work for different reduction schemes
2010-03-22 Joona KiiskiDo not return unproven mate scores from null move search
2010-03-21 Marco CostalbaUse fail soft in null search
2010-03-20 Marco CostalbaRemove castleRightsMask[] hack
2010-03-20 Marco CostalbaRetire Position::fast_copy()
2010-03-20 Marco CostalbaUpdated copyright year to 2010
2010-03-17 Marco CostalbaFix POPCNT detection gcc compile error
2010-03-17 Marco CostalbaFix __cpuid() compile error with gcc
2010-03-14 Marco CostalbaAdd hyper-threading detection
2010-03-14 Marco CostalbaMove __cpuid() definition for gcc in types.h
2010-03-13 Marco CostalbaIntroduce captured_piece()
2010-03-13 Marco CostalbaReduce increase progression of aspiration window
2010-03-13 Marco CostalbaUse separated research counters in root_search()
2010-03-13 Marco CostalbaGroup time management globals initialization
2010-03-06 Marco CostalbaHighlight that alpha and beta could change in root_search()
2010-03-06 Marco CostalbaFix a comment and add an assert in root_search()
2010-03-06 Marco CostalbaRetire RootMoveNumber and use FirstRootMove instead
2010-03-06 Joona KiiskiSave mateThreat flag in splitPoint and make use of it
2010-03-06 Joona KiiskiDocument one test result
2010-03-06 Joona KiiskiSynchronize root_search() with other search routines
2010-03-06 Joona KiiskiRemove obsolete code snippet from root_search
2010-03-06 Marco CostalbaSort again root moves after a fail low
2010-03-06 Marco CostalbaAdditional search.cpp cleanup
2010-02-28 Marco CostalbaDestroy all locks before to exit
2010-02-28 Marco CostalbaWe don't need lpThreadId parameter in CreateThread()
2010-02-28 Marco CostalbaFunction init_thread() should return an integer under...
2010-02-28 Marco CostalbaTry bad captures before non-captures
2010-02-27 Marco CostalbaRevert previous patch
2010-02-27 Marco CostalbaDo not wait for sleeping in init_threads()
2010-02-27 Marco CostalbaRemove an incorrect assert in wake_sleeping_threads()
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiAdd some commentary
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiClean up common adjustments
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiRemove "Threat Depth" ucioption
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiCleanup steps 12, 14
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiClean up step 11
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiClean steps 8 and 9.
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiClean razoring code (step 6)
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiSynchronize variable listing of 4 different search...
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiRemove current line printing in SMP mode
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiSynchronize sp_search() with search() part I
2010-02-25 Joona KiiskiRename staticValue to refinedValue
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiFix repetition detection bug
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiSynchronize sp_search_pv() with search_pv()
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiSynchronize sp_search() with search() part II
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiSimplify locking in splitpoint search
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiSynchronize search_pv() with search take II
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiSynchronize search_pv() with search take I
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiSearch code documentation, take III
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiSearch code documentation take II
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiSeparate razoring from null move
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiSplit search() in independent sections
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiAvoid research in case thread has already been asked...
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiAdd one assert
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiDo not wait for threads falling asleep
2010-02-24 Joona KiiskiRemove unnecessary conditions from if-clauses and repla...
2010-02-23 Joona KiiskiFix crash in debug mode
2010-02-23 Joona KiiskiFix some races
2010-02-23 Joona KiiskiFix one assert
2010-02-23 Joona KiiskiFix compile errors in debug mode
2010-02-21 Marco CostalbaDocument struct SplitPoint fields constness
2010-02-21 Marco CostalbaBeta is never changed after an sp_search()
2010-02-21 Marco CostalbaSupress make warning on missing .depend file
2010-02-21 Marco CostalbaFix an icc warning
2010-02-21 Marco CostalbaCode style triviality in split()
2010-02-21 Marco CostalbaFix a warning with POPCNT and MSVC
2010-02-20 Marco CostalbaRevert "Recursive lock"
2010-02-20 Marco CostalbaRemove a couple of useless thread_should_stop() calls
2010-02-20 Marco CostalbaRevert small state change optimization in idle_loop()
2010-02-20 Marco CostalbaRecursive lock all split point's chain
2010-02-20 Marco CostalbaRetire per-thread stopRequest flag
2010-02-20 Marco CostalbaUse state instead of flags to track threads
2010-02-20 Marco CostalbaRename THREAD_MAX in MAX_THREADS
2010-02-15 Joona KiiskiSearch negative SEE moves in qsearch in PV
2010-02-15 Joona KiiskiUse zero null move margin when depth < 4 * OnePly
2010-02-14 Marco CostalbaFix another setting of a flag out of lock protection
2010-02-14 Marco CostalbaRename flag 'stop' in 'stopRequest'
2010-02-14 Marco CostalbaReset thread flags to a known state before to exit...
2010-02-14 Marco CostalbaFix 'stop' flag changed out of lock protection
2010-02-14 Marco CostalbaIntroduce ThreadsManager class
2010-02-13 Marco CostalbaFix compile error under gcc
2010-02-13 Marco CostalbaEnsure function boundaries for threads state changes
2010-02-13 Marco CostalbaRename stop_threads() to exit_threads()
2010-02-13 Marco CostalbaBe sure threads are woken in wake_sleeping_threads()
2010-02-13 Marco CostalbaUse Thread c'tor to properly init the struct
2010-02-13 Marco CostalbaAdd 'sleeping' flag to struct Thread
2010-02-12 Marco CostalbaAllow build on HP-UX 11.X
2010-02-10 Marco CostalbaFix a couple of new MSVC 2010 warnings
2010-02-08 Marco CostalbaRetire EvalInfo* in SearchStack
2010-02-07 Marco CostalbaSmall code style triviality
2010-02-07 Joona KiiskiImplement init_search()
2010-02-07 Joona KiiskiDocument lookup tables
2010-02-07 Joona KiiskiImplement futility move count array