Change zobMaterial[] index 0 definition
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2010-05-29 Marco CostalbaChange zobMaterial[] index 0 definition
2010-05-29 Marco CostalbaUse Key type instead of Bitboard
2010-05-23 Marco CostalbaRevert non-linear threats evaluation
2010-05-22 Marco CostalbaRemove an useless assert in evaluate_passed_pawns()
2010-05-22 Marco CostalbaAccount for double pawn push in evaluate_unstoppable_pa...
2010-05-22 Marco CostalbaFix StormOpenFileBonus[] bug
2010-05-22 Marco CostalbaFix a warning on array of size 0 under Windows
2010-05-22 Joona KiiskiDrop completely illogical ei.kingDanger == 0 requirement
2010-05-22 Joona KiiskiAlways save static value and kingDanger to TT
2010-05-22 Joona KiiskiDrop TTClusterSize from 5 to 4
2010-05-22 Marco CostalbaAdd non-linear threats evaluation
2010-05-22 Marco CostalbaRevert "Simple implementation of strong YBWC"
2010-05-21 Joona KiiskiAdd some automatic detection for Windows
2010-05-21 Joona KiiskiDocumentation fix
2010-05-21 Joona KiiskiCorrect 'prefetch' handling for Makefile
2010-05-20 Marco CostalbaLet prefetch to be enabled by default on Windows
2010-05-20 Joona KiiskiSmall tweaks to install gcc-profile-clean targets
2010-05-20 Joona KiiskiModify source to follow new Makefile
2010-05-20 Joona KiiskiRewrite Makefile
2010-05-20 Marco CostalbaSimple implementation of strong YBWC
2010-05-20 Marco CostalbaRemove an assert in evaluate_passed_pawns()
2010-05-17 Marco CostalbaIndentation fix in middle-game evaluation
2010-05-17 Marco CostalbaIntroduce init_attack_tables() in evaluate()
2010-05-16 Marco CostalbaDo not consider discovered checks in king safety
2010-05-16 Marco CostalbaFix RootMove::operator<() description
2010-05-15 Marco CostalbaRemove an useless Max() in passed pawns evaluation
2010-05-15 Marco CostalbaThreath tuning results
2010-05-15 Marco CostalbaAdd support for gcc-profile
2010-05-14 Marco CostalbaRename OutpostMask[] in AttackSpanMask[]
2010-05-14 Marco CostalbaMicro optimization in evaluate_pawns()
2010-05-14 Marco CostalbaIntroduce evaluate_pawn_storm() to unify redundant...
2010-05-14 Marco CostalbaCode style tweaks to pawns.cpp
2010-05-14 Marco CostalbaChange color argument of square_is_weak()
2010-05-13 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate marsenne
2010-05-13 Marco CostalbaAnother split() tweak session
2010-05-12 Joona KiiskiDocument old test result
2010-05-12 Joona KiiskiRemove one hack caused by misunderstanding
2010-05-12 Marco CostalbaFix a possible out of range access in previous patch
2010-05-12 Marco CostalbaRetire splitPoint->cpus field
2010-05-12 Marco CostalbaSyncing sp_search() and search()
2010-05-11 Marco CostalbaSimplify init_safety()
2010-05-11 Marco CostalbaGreatly simplify weight_option()
2010-05-11 Marco CostalbaSmall evaluate_passed_pawns() cleanup
2010-05-11 Marco CostalbaBetter integration of faked split
2010-05-11 Joona KiiskiDisable fake-mode
2010-05-11 Joona KiiskiUnite sp_search() and sp_search_pv()
2010-05-09 Joona KiiskiIntroduce fake-mode for split
2010-05-09 Marco CostalbaRevert to old prefetch detection logic
2010-05-09 Marco CostalbaFix an off-by-one bug in ThreatBonus[] table
2010-05-08 Joona KiiskiTemplatize qsearch
2010-05-08 Marco CostalbaRetire mate threat detection from evaluation
2010-05-08 Marco CostalbaAdd a comment and a FIXME
2010-05-08 Marco CostalbaLookup TT for eval also in PV nodes
2010-05-08 Marco CostalbaFix an obsoleted descrption comment
2010-05-08 Marco CostalbaUnify Internal iterative deepening
2010-05-08 Marco CostalbaTempletize extension() function
2010-05-08 Marco CostalbaTempletize reduction() functions
2010-05-08 Marco CostalbaUse enum NodeType instead of opaque true/false
2010-05-08 Joona KiiskiUnite search_pv() and search()
2010-05-07 Marco CostalbaRename AttackWeight[] in KingAttackWeights[]
2010-05-07 Marco CostalbaArray ThreatBonus[] is initialized at zero by compiler
2010-05-07 Marco CostalbaProperly indent evaluate_king()
2010-05-07 Marco CostalbaRename futilityMargin in kingDanger in EvalInfo
2010-05-07 Marco CostalbaSimplify some obsolete code in king safety
2010-05-07 Marco CostalbaRename king "safety" to king "danger"
2010-05-07 Marco CostalbaEvaluation weights cleanup
2010-05-07 Marco CostalbaSet Mate Threat Extension to OnePly
2010-05-05 Marco CostalbaAvoid a call to apply_weight() in evaluate_king()
2010-05-05 Joona KiiskiFurther push the LMR pedal
2010-05-05 Marco CostalbaA promotion piece cannot be a king or a pawn
2010-05-05 Marco CostalbaDo not return from idle_loop() with lock held
2010-05-05 Marco CostalbaReverse the logic used to detect prefetch
2010-05-05 Marco CostalbaAllow a static evaluation to overwrite an exsisting...
2010-05-02 Marco CostalbaDo not refresh TT in qsearch
2010-05-01 Marco CostalbaRefresh TT entry after a cut-off to avoid aging
2010-04-28 Joona KiiskiFix compile error on GCC
2010-04-27 Marco CostalbaEndgame's apply() method can be 'const'
2010-04-27 Marco CostalbaRemove an obsolete comment
2010-04-26 Marco CostalbaAnother small material tweak
2010-04-26 Marco CostalbaCleanup material distribution detectors
2010-04-25 Marco CostalbaDo not call exit_threads() in Application d'tor
2010-04-25 Marco CostalbaSmall passed pawns evaluation cleanup
2010-04-23 Marco CostalbaSimplify a bit futility marging formula
2010-04-21 Marco CostalbaRevert scale factor in pawn evaluation
2010-04-19 Marco CostalbaIntroduce PawnsQtyTable[] to refine pawn's drawish...
2010-04-19 Marco CostalbaFirst attempt at tweaking UnpairedPawnsTable[] values
2010-04-19 Marco CostalbaIntroduce scale factor in pawn evaluation
2010-04-18 Marco CostalbaFix candidate passed pawn definition
2010-04-18 Marco CostalbaRetire Position::pawn_is_passed() and friends
2010-04-18 Marco CostalbaIntroduce table SquaresInFrontMask[2][64]
2010-04-18 Marco CostalbaBetter perft integration in benchmark
2010-04-18 Marco CostalbaSpace inflate bitboard.cpp
2010-04-17 Marco CostalbaRevert saving of null search value in TT
2010-04-16 Marco CostalbaDon't overwrite exsisting TT with null search value
2010-04-16 Joona KiiskiPrevent the use of nullmove TT value only at verificati...
2010-04-16 Joona KiiskiIntroduce NullStatus enum
2010-04-16 Joona KiiskiRevert "Introduce "Zugzwang detection" temporary hack...
2010-04-16 Marco CostalbaAdd "Best Book Move" UCI option
2010-04-14 Joona KiiskiFix overflow in init_safety
2010-04-13 Joona KiiskiFix evasion pruning condition