2009-03-22 Marco CostalbaFix a small bug in king safety
2009-03-22 Marco CostalbaMerge KBPP vs KB endgame from iPhone Glaurung
2009-03-21 Marco CostalbaFix: In qsearch do not use TT value when in a PV node
2009-03-19 Marco CostalbaBig headers cleanup
2009-03-16 Marco CostalbaSafe guard some wild and ugly casts
2009-03-16 Marco CostalbaPartially revert pawns storm bug fix
2009-03-15 Marco CostalbaSilence a good bunch of Intel warnings
2009-03-15 Marco CostalbaFix an overflow bug in pawns stormValue
2009-03-15 Marco CostalbaFix a silly warning on Intel compiler
2009-03-15 Marco CostalbaRevert NULL move beta corrections
2009-03-15 Marco CostalbaRetire Null Driven IID
2009-03-14 Marco CostalbaMerge Joona Kiiski NULL search beta correction
2009-03-14 Marco CostalbaMerge Joona Kiiski evaluation tweaks
2009-03-07 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize move_is_check()
2009-03-07 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize pl_move_is_legal()
2009-03-06 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize previous patch
2009-03-06 Marco CostalbaIntroduce evaluate_pieces<>() to remove redundancy
2009-03-04 Marco CostalbaFix compile error with inlines under gcc and Intel
2009-03-04 Marco CostalbaFix some comments in position.cpp
2009-03-04 Marco CostalbaAvoid to call useless sliders attacks in update_checkers()
2009-03-04 Marco CostalbaSuper fast hidden_checkers()
2009-03-03 Marco CostalbaCleanup SearchStack initialization
2009-03-02 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize copy of new state in do_move()
2009-03-02 Marco CostalbaRevert hidden checkers rework
2009-02-28 Marco CostalbaUse checker info to remove a bunch of hidden checks...
2009-02-28 Marco CostalbaStricter condition to check for dc candidates
2009-02-28 Marco CostalbaSplit calculation of pinners from dc candidates
2009-02-28 Marco CostalbaSlightly better condition in update_hidden_checks()
2009-02-28 Marco CostalbaCompute pinned and friends incrementally
2009-02-23 Marco CostalbaFix a subtle bug due to the StateInfo pointer became...
2009-02-23 Marco CostalbaTeach SEE about pinned pieces
2009-02-23 Marco CostalbaSmall Position::clear() cleanup
2009-02-23 Marco CostalbaDo not copy the whole old state in do_move()
2009-02-23 Marco CostalbaUpdate pinned bitboards and friends in do_move()
2009-02-23 Marco CostalbaFix some asserts unhidden by a debug compile
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaAvoid resetting pinners[c]
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaIntroduce StateInfo instead of UndoInfo
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaWrap state variables in a named struct
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaConvert also undo_null_move() to avoid passing UndoInfo...
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaPassing UndoInfo is not needed anymore when undoing...
2009-02-22 Marco CostalbaRemove two useless calls to pinned_pieces()
2009-02-20 Marco CostalbaPosition: Unify and templetize mg_pst() and eg_pst()
2009-02-20 Marco CostalbaUnify compute_mg_value() and compute_eg_value()
2009-02-20 Marco CostalbaUse a union to fast and simply backup info in do_move()
2009-02-20 Marco CostalbaIn Position backup and restore contiguous data
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaFinally remove any occurence of dcCandidates from searc...
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaDo not pass discovery check candidates in Position...
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaDo not pass pinned argument in Position::move_is_check()
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaDo not pass pinned argument in Position::pl_move_is_legal()
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaCleanup pinned and friends in movegen.cpp
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaCache pinned and discovery check bitboards
2009-02-19 Marco CostalbaRevert mobility of pinned pieces for now
2009-02-17 Marco CostalbaRemove xxx_of_color() for real
2009-02-17 Marco CostalbaChange piece_attacks_square() API
2009-02-17 Marco CostalbaMobility is zero for a pinned piece
2009-02-17 Marco CostalbaRemove xxx_of_color() helpers
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaAvoid a call to move_is_capture() in extension()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaAdd scan for X-ray attacks in piece_attacks_square()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaFix a subtle bug in Position::move_is_capture()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaDo not manually build endgame functions hash keys
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaUse template for endgame scaling functions
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaUse templates for end game evaluation functions
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaSmall code formatting in position.cpp
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaUse update_checkers<>() also for PAWN
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaIntroduce update_checkers() to simplify do_move()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaRemove square_is_attacked()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaRename generate_piece_blocking_evasions()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaFinal touches to generate_evasions()
2009-02-13 Marco CostalbaSimplify legality check in generate_evasions()
2009-02-11 Marco Costalbagenerate_evasions() avoid an usless check for enpassant...
2009-02-11 Marco CostalbaOptimize generate_piece_blocking_evasions()
2009-02-11 Marco Costalbagenerate_evasions() avoid to calculate pinned pieces
2009-02-11 Marco CostalbaDrop a double semicolon
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaLast touches to movegen.cpp
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaRemove special case of pawn checks generation
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaRemove special case of pawn move generatation
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaSimplify generate_evasions()
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaSimplify generate_checks()
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaMicro-optimize do_generate_pawn_checks()
2009-02-10 Marco CostalbaTempletize generate_piece_checks_king()
2009-02-07 Marco CostalbaSmall optimization in generate_evasions()
2009-02-07 Marco CostalbaSimplify newly introduced castling_is_check()
2009-02-07 Marco CostalbaSmall code style tidy up
2009-02-07 Marco CostalbaFix casting warnings under Intel Compiler
2009-02-07 Marco CostalbaFix Makefile
2009-02-06 Marco CostalbaTempletize generate_castle_moves()
2009-02-06 Marco CostalbaAdd generation of castling checks
2009-02-04 Marco CostalbaRemove square.cpp
2009-02-04 Marco CostalbaMove constants from piece.cpp to piece.h
2009-02-04 Marco CostalbaPawnInfo::clear() retire memset() and fix Ubuntu compile
2009-02-04 Marco CostalbaRemove the useless color.cpp
2009-02-04 Marco CostalbaFinal endgame.cpp space inflate
2009-02-04 Marco CostalbaRevert previous commit.
2009-01-25 Marco CostalbaYet another count_1s() optimization
2009-01-25 Marco CostalbaRever count_1s() optimizations
2009-01-25 Marco CostalbaMovePicker, remove a variable
2009-01-25 Marco CostalbaMovePicker::find_best_index() never returns -1
2009-01-11 Marco CostalbaRewrite count_1s() to be similar to 64bit counterpart
2009-01-11 Marco CostalbaMicro optimize count_1s_max_15() for 32 bit system
2009-01-10 Marco CostalbaFix a very old bug in queen mobility