Linear Protector bonus by distance
[stockfish] / src / evaluate.cpp
2017-05-08 FauziAkramLinear Protector bonus by distance
2017-05-08 IIvecKing safety and rook mobility parameters tweak
2017-05-08 Stefan GeschwentnerBonus for pawn scrifice which create passed pawn
2017-04-29 Rocky640Remove cap in kingDanger initialization
2017-04-24 Marco CostalbaAssorted code style issues
2017-04-23 IIvecKing safety parameters improved
2017-04-17 Stefano80Remove cap from space score contribution and increase...
2017-04-09 Stefano80Remove minimum to contribution from king danger to...
2017-03-25 joergosterSimplify ThreatBySafePawn scoring
2017-03-15 Marco CostalbaAssorted code style fixes
2017-03-09 snicoletHelper functions to count material for both sides
2017-03-06 snicoletSpeed-up some arrays reading
2017-02-26 snicoletChange definition of "weak" in threats calculation
2017-02-24 GuardianRMPieces protecting king
2017-02-19 snicoletKeep pawns on both flanks
2017-02-19 FauziAkramVariable tuning
2017-02-15 torfranzRetire loose enemies bonus
2017-02-11 torfranzRetire small bonus in passed pawn evaluation
2017-02-06 Stefano80Simplify scale factor computation
2017-02-05 VoyagerOneSimplify Queen Mobility
2017-01-31 Stéphane NicoletSimplify away QueenContactChecks
2017-01-28 Stefan GeschwentnerCandidate passed pawns
2017-01-28 pb00068Simplify away pinnedPieces bitboard in EvalInfo (#975)
2017-01-21 Alain SAVARDSimplification of lazy threshold
2017-01-21 Alain SAVARDOutpost array simplification
2017-01-21 Alain SAVARDReformat eval_init()
2017-01-13 Stefano CardanobileIntroduce lazy evaluation
2017-01-11 Joost VandeVondeleAdjust copyright headers to 2017 (#965)
2017-01-02 Stéphane NicoletSimplify unstoppable again (#950)
2016-12-31 Alain SAVARDSmall eval cleanup and renaming
2016-12-31 lucasartRemove SafeCheck (#946)
2016-12-25 Jörg OsterFurther simplify unstoppable (#938)
2016-12-11 Jonathan CalovskiSimplify unstoppable condition
2016-12-01 Joost VandeVondeleWeakQueen Parameter tweak
2016-11-27 ElbertoOneTrappedRook simplification
2016-11-27 joergosterFix trace in case of space evaluation
2016-11-27 mbootsectorRank based threats
2016-10-30 Stefan GeschwentnerBonus for attacked passed pawn promotion path
2016-10-25 Stéphane NicoletEndgame malus for having a king in a pawnless flank
2016-09-25 Stéphane NicoletRename shift_bb() to shift()
2016-09-17 Marco CostalbaFix indentation in struct FromToStats
2016-09-16 Stéphane NicoletRetire KingDanger array
2016-09-12 Guenther DemetzPinned aware SEE
2016-09-11 Stefano CardanobileReorder evaluation start
2016-09-02 Stéphane NicoletSpace bonus in presence of open files
2016-08-31 ajithcjOptimize order of a few conditions in search
2016-08-28 Andrew GrantRemoved an extra space
2016-08-28 Alain SAVARDMove king tropism to evaluate_king
2016-08-27 Stéphane NicoletMove CheckInfo under StateInfo
2016-08-27 gamanderFixed wrong definition of WhiteCamp and BlackCamp
2016-08-18 Stefano80Retire pawn span
2016-08-13 Luca BrivioCap space evaluation bonus
2016-08-10 Alain SAVARDSimplify space formula
2016-07-16 Lyudmil AntonovWorkaround gcc stack alignment bug
2016-07-08 Stéphane NicoletKing tropism
2016-07-07 Alain SAVARDMore safe checks
2016-06-25 Marco CostalbaRestore standard passed pawn definition
2016-06-21 Jonathan CalovskiRemove scalefactor dependency
2016-06-10 Alain SAVARDSmall Queen simplification
2016-06-03 joergosterTuned values for piece check and attack unit factors
2016-05-28 Stéphane NicoletPins or discovered attacks on the opponent's queen
2016-05-06 Alain SAVARDUnsafe checks
2016-04-23 DU-jdtoRemove some pointless micro-optimizations
2016-04-09 Marco CostalbaHide global visibility when not needed
2016-04-08 DU-jdtoSmall passed pawn simplification
2016-04-08 Alain SAVARDUndefended King Ring
2016-04-08 mstemberaSimplify popcnt
2016-03-31 NicklasPerssonA combo patch of two tuning patches
2016-03-27 snicoletBonus for loose enemies
2016-03-27 mbootsectorRaise endgame passed pawn and material values
2016-03-15 mstemberaSimplify Safe Checks
2016-03-15 Marco CostalbaAssorted cleanup of latest commits
2016-03-02 mbootsectorPassed pawn bonus simplification
2016-03-02 snicoletTweak initiative formula
2016-02-28 joergosterPass endgame value to evaluate_scale_factor()
2016-02-07 hximRemove Weights
2016-01-16 Lyudmil AntonovAssorted English grammar changes
2016-01-02 ppigazziniUpdate AUTHORS and copyright notice
2016-01-01 Marco CostalbaUpdate Copyright year
2015-12-30 Alain SAVARDCorrect Pawn Trace Score + Code Clean up
2015-12-22 Alain SAVARDNew mobility bonus
2015-12-14 Alain SAVARDThreats retuned
2015-12-05 absimaldataNew Tuned Weights
2015-12-05 Marco CostalbaSimplify outpost code
2015-12-02 Stéphane NicoletIntroduce new Threats weights = {350, 256}
2015-11-14 Stefan GeschwentnerBonus for reachable outpost
2015-10-24 Marco CostalbaCleanup history stats
2015-10-24 Alain SAVARDSimplify threats
2015-10-21 Stefano80Almost passed tuning attempts
2015-10-16 Stéphane NicoletAsymmetry bonus for the attacking side
2015-10-07 Jonathan CalovskiRetire rook contact checks
2015-10-06 Stefano80Tuning of assorted values
2015-10-06 Alain SAVARDRemove queen threat evaluation
2015-10-03 Stefan GeschwentnerFile based passed pawn bonus
2015-10-03 Jonathan CalovskiBonus for checking moves
2015-09-19 Jonathan CalovskiRefine ranks and increase resulting bonus.
2015-09-15 Stefan GeschwentnerScales the endgame score by the number of pawns.
2015-09-07 mstemberaMinor clean up of some function parameters
2015-08-29 Marco CostalbaReformat trace code
2015-08-17 Alain SAVARDRetire PawnSafePush bonus